Max out your spades in Rock Band 3's Road Challenge

Max out your spades in Rock Band 3's Road Challenge
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Road Challenges just for fun

Are you a big Rock Band fan but not so hardcore you play on Expert and get five stars on everything? Honestly most people aren’t. They just want to play the game and have fun. Of course they also want to do the best they can and try to get five stars whenever possible. This can seem extremely hard, but here is how to max out your spades in Rock Band 3’s Road Challenge.

Musical method of choice and difficulty level

Drumming away

Pick a single instrument and stick with it. Bass, guitar, drums, keyboards, even vocals, whichever one you really want to play. The more you utilize that one thing the better you will become with it. Take breaks though because having your fingers in an odd position or working your voice too much, if you aren’t used to it, can be bad for you. If you choose drums have a good seat to sit on, a real drum set if you can, and for keyboards purchase the stand or use a table high enough so that you aren’t hunched over while playing.

Play the game on the highest level you feel comfortable at within the chosen musical part. Unless you are really good (and if you are you probably don’t need to read this) this will be Easy or Medium. Easy, for the most part, has only three keys that are used and Medium only has four. However there are some songs in Rock Band 3 which throw in the fourth or fifth from time to time; it all depends on the difficulty of the song.

The advantages of an extensive musical library

Rock Band 3, like previous editions of the game, has a varied library on the disc already. However songs you have downloaded from the every growing, very extensive online library makes the game even easier to max out your spades in the Road Challenges. Having a varied genre is a good idea as well. Unfortunately playing keyboards will limit the songs you can actually play but for the rest of the instruments, all the extra content will give you a better chance of doing well.

One of the reasons a large library helps is because for the Road Challenges in Rock Band 3, you are not stuck with the songs they give you. You can choose to play the 2 or 3 songs on the list or pick from two other available listings. These listings vary for each leg of the challenge. For one you might be able to pick 80’s music or hard rock. For another it could be light rock or songs from a single artist only. The other trick to picking your own music is it could be random for one of the options listed or choose your own songs round. Being able to pick your own music, if you don’t know the songs the game is selecting for you is the best way to max out your spades. Be careful though, occasionally the songs it picks for you, even when you can choose the genre, might be the highest difficulty for those songs. In this case go with Easy because even then you will probably have a hard time doing well.

Bonuses to reach the gold

Getting bonus spades

All of the above will help you get four or five stars for every song you play in the Road Challenge, which once the song is complete turns into the spades you need to gain more fans and extra free gear or clothing items. This is not the only thing you need to do to max out your spades.

The second part of the Road Challenge is the bonuses required of each song. These are different for each leg of the current Road Challenge being played but the same for all songs played as a group. The bonuses can consist of using Overdrive so many times during the current song or only using your Overdrive when it is full. Having a certain number of streaks or everyone being in sync during certain parts are another. Completing these challenges as many times as necessary will gain you five spades. A hint here, to get the most spades from the bonuses, play by yourself so you know that only you have to be in sync for those bonuses.

How many licks does it take

The number of spades needed to get gold, which earns you the most fans and goodie gear, is determined by how many stops you make in each section of the Road Challenge and how many songs are played in that section. For example if you have four stops you will need to get 80 spades to get the gold which is nine spades per song. When you have more stops or more songs in each section, the number will be higher. This is where the number of stars, which turn into spades, and the number of bonuses completed to get spades is key.

The best part is if at first you don’t succeed you can play a Road Challenge again.

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