Rock Band

Rock Band

The Greatest Rock Band Quiz Ever

Think you play a lot of Rock Band? Find out in this quiz that will push your intelligence dial up to 11, and maybe even further.

Rock Band 3 Preview

Rock Band has become an annualized franchise and continues to sell extremely well. Still, some gamers are looking for something new from their rhythm games these days. Can Rock Band 3 bring a fresh take on the music game genre? Read on to find out.

Guide to Rock Band Games for the Nintendo Wii

The Rock Band series has seen several different iterations appear on the Nintendo Wii. Our guide will walk you through each game in the series, helping you decide which excellent game in the series is best for you. We cover each game: Rock Band, Rock Band 2, Beatles Rock Band, and Rock Band: Lego.

Review of Rock Band Unplugged for the PSP

Already a big hit on the consoles, Guitar Hero took plastic instrument games to a portable audience with their hardware add-on DS titles. Harmonix have taken a different approach, there’s not a plastic guitar or drum kit in site, and you don’t even have to sing in order to play Rock Band Unplugged

The Beatles Rock Band

Take a stroll down memory lane when The Beatles comes to your home TV screen. Have your turn in the spot light with popular songs such as “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and “Here Comes the Sun.” Find out if the newest Rock Band release is worth your time, or one you’ll want to leave at the store.

Nintendo Wii Gamers Rock Band Review

Rock Band is a classic rock show with you as the lead. Invite three friends to join your virtual band, and live the life fantastic from the comfort on your own home. Rock Band is totally radical fun for family or friends, engaging and satisfying, with this game anyone can make beautiful music.

Nintedo Wii Gamers Rock Band II Review

Rock Band 2 is just more of the rocking-out fun you remember from Rock Band with a few instrumental upgrades, new downloadable content, fun and satisfying game play, and a vast array of customization possible. Rock Band 2 continues the Rock Band experience.

Rock Band Special Edition Accessory Review

Get your comrades together and prepare yourself to rock. Rock Band has brought a new concept to the table that puts Guitar Hero on the ropes, but do all the new instruments hold up in game play? Check out my review of the Rock Band Special Edition Accessories.