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    • The Ultimate Rock Band Quiz: Test Your Gaming Rockstar Knowledge
      Think you play a lot of Rock Band? Find out in this quiz that will push your intelligence dial up to 11, and maybe even further.
    • Rock Band Unplugged PSP Review
      Already a big hit on the consoles, Guitar Hero took plastic instrument games to a portable audience with their hardware add-on DS titles. Harmonix have taken a different approach, there's not a plastic guitar or drum kit in site, and you don't even have to sing in order to play Rock Band Unplugged
    • Max out your spades in Rock Band 3's Road Challenge
      Are you a big Rock Band fan but not so hardcore you play on Expert and get five stars on everything? Honestly most people aren’t. They just want to play the game and have fun. Of course they also want to do the best they can and try to get five stars whenever possible.
    • Where to Get New Beatles Rock Band Content for the Wii
      The selection of music that comes with Beatles Rock Band is odd. While there is no shopping channel for the game available from the console, users can download new music from an in-game store.
    • Unlock All the Rock Band 3 Trophies & Achievements
      The third major iteration of Harmonixs mega-hit Rock Band franchise features not just new songs, but a brand new keyboard instrument and the innovative Pro mode. This guide will assist you in unlocking all achievements and trophies in the game.
    • How to Get Free Song Tracks for Rock Band
      Pepsi and the makers of Rock Band have teamed up to deliver the chance to win free Rock Band song tracks to gamers who submit codes on the Pepsi Rock Band contest website. Odds of winning free tracks are so good, gamers are almost guaranteed free songs.
    • Beatles Rock Band Game Unlockables for the Xbox 360
      The Beatles Rock Band game for the Xbox 360 lets you take a step back in time to 60s classic rock. It is filled with unlockable photos, movies, Xbox Live pictures, challenges and secret prizes. Check out the following tips to help you access cool unlockables to enhance your game playing experience.
    • Rock Band 2 Wii Review
      Rock Band 2 is just more of the rocking-out fun you remember from Rock Band with a few instrumental upgrades, new downloadable content, fun and satisfying game play, and a vast array of customization possible. Rock Band 2 continues the Rock Band experience.
    • Rock Band Wii Console Game Review
      Rock Band is a classic rock show with you as the lead. Invite three friends to join your virtual band, and live the life fantastic from the comfort on your own home. Rock Band is totally radical fun for family or friends, engaging and satisfying, with this game anyone can make beautiful music.
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