PS2 Rock Band 2 Special Edition HIts The High Notes

PS2 Rock Band 2 Special Edition HIts The High Notes
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Rocking with Rock Band 2 Special Edition

Buying a video game is always exciting, and musical rhythm games let you have fun while listening to cool tunes. But turing on that P3, picking up an “instrument” and getting “into” the band with a Guitar, rather than a control pad, just makes it sweeter. Or maybe you prefer pounding the skins instead - then grab the sticks and hit that drum set for all you’re worth, neighbors be damed. Of course you can go Celine Dion if you want ‘cuz there’s a Microphone too. But I’d rather be making loud noises from an instrument than from my throat any day!

Rocking with Rock Band 2

Rock Band 2

Lets groove a bit about the game - #2 with a bullet! There’s over 100 songs on the discs (and downloadable ones too if you want) - plenty for any rocker to get off on. Guitar, bass, drums and vocals are what you have to call (and duh, why there’s those instruments included). I can get behind Elvis Costello’s “Pump it Up” any time, but don’t ask me to listen, much less play the tune by Kansas (hurl). Sure I know you have to be diverse and all, but can’t we stick to hard rock and leave the wussies aside? I mean, that’s why there are tutorials, right? So we can all rock harder. Graphics carry the look fine though they’re not exactly photo-realistic but who cares? Frankly it’s all about the music so as long as the graphics don’t get in the way I’m jiggy with it (best attempt at being hip all day).

Okay, I’m all for battles of the bands going against others online (especially if they’re playing junk like Kansas), but amidst local and global online modes I kind prefer the offline word of quick play so I can just customize a character and shoot him off with an axe and get rocking.

Hard Up for Hardware?


Now anybody here who doesn’t think they’re paying mostly for the hardware (read that as instruments) that come in the Special edition, raise your hand. I have some swamp land of Bernie Madoff’s I’d like to sell you. The guitar isn’t amazing but it’s better than just competent, with controls placed so that you can do what you need to without having to go think-crazy. The ‘tilt" feature works right-on too. And of course being wireless is just what it has to be - the fact that the receiver works in concert with the Drum set means you might just have a USB port on the PS3 left over this time around.

The drums are funky but that’s the way I like them. They’re on stands and rubberized so they don’t sound like hitting a milk can each time they’re whacked. Wireless, obviously - see above - which does the job so you can forget about wiring and concentrate on playing.

I’ll leave it up to you as to how excited to get about the USB mike. It takes audio waves and turns them into digital representations that are accepted and understood by the software running in the PS3. Or to be simple about it - it’s a mic so sing into it already!

Strike Up the Band

ROck Band 2

Okay so I used to play bass which gravitates me to that, but even an imitation Fender Stratocaster can get me salivating.I prefer that you can go solo - the rest of my band are dorks (applies to game console created and real friends). The drum set works really good too and it’s actually more like playing a real instrument hitting the skins that on anything else. We won’t comment on my singing…

Rock On, Rock Band 2

ROck Band 2

The whole thing about games like Rock Band 2 is that they let you “perform” in a way that air guitaring can’t: sure it’s fantasy but who doesn’t need that. At least you’re proving you’ve got better reflexes than that 10 year old kid down the block.

Having the instruments ready to go makes it all much sweeter and more fun. I may not be going on concert with ZZ Top anytime soon, but I bet I could keep up with those guys on RB2. Especially if their beards got caught in the wires of the guitar controller - oh heck, it’s wireless - darn you MTV Games/Harmonix for knowing what the gamer needs.

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