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The achievement simply calls for you to maintain Overdrive (that’s Star Power for you Guitar Hero veterans) for a whole 90 sec, which leaves it wide open for interpretation.

There have been quite a few theories floating around on how to earn this achievement. For example, some people say start off with your overdrive completely filled out at a point in a song where additional white notes will pop-up. By completing a set of white notes while in overdrive, your meter will refill. However, it will deplete rather quickly before another set of white notes can appear. Therefore, this achievement can be virtually impossible for you to earn on your own.

What’s the answer, you ask? Simply, use the aid of your friends to earn this achievement while playing together in Tour Mode.

Solution/How-to Part 1

  1. You will need a complete band, which means that you will need 4 players and their associated instruments (guitar, bass, microphone, and drums**_._**
    • Note: if you have guitars from Guitar Hero 2 or 3, they will work; the drums from GH 4 will work; and any USB microphone (that is designed for the XBox) will work as well.
  2. Enter Tour Mode using either the Local or XBox Live play settings.
    • Note: it should be possible to complete this achievement while in Quick Play Mode while playing with a full band.
  3. Select the city and venue of your band’s choice.
  4. I would suggest selecting a song that your band is already comfortable with and can play without many errors. This will not only increase your chances of filling up your Overdrive meters quickly, but will reduce the chance of having to bail another band mate from a failure. Also, I would suggest selecting a song that is longer, as it will contain more chances to get white notes, and playing it on a higher difficulty that you are comfortable with (individual setting).
  5. Have everyone fill their Overdrive meters completely by hitting all of the white notes, and holding down the whammy bar on sustained white notes (held notes for guitar and bassists; doing this will quickly fill their meters).
  6. Now for the hard part, having each of your band mates properly deploying their Overdrive consecutively. See page 2.

Solution/How-to Part 2

In the game, guitar and bass players can deploy Overdrive at any given time in a song as long as their meters are filled half-way. However, the singer (microphone) and drummer can only deploy their overdrive at specific points in a song.

  • Singer/Microphone: the singer will see several seconds of gold bars in between lyrics. Basically, you can say anything into the mic (just make sure that it registers by the lyrics screen flashing and turning gold), and it will activate Overdrive for the upcoming lyrics.
  • Drummer: the drummer can only deploy his/her Overdrive after completing solos. Solos can be recognized by seeing large color bars where your notes would normally be. Playing these notes in any order until they are filled/solid, you should see a final note activated at the end of the bars (usually a Red Note). Hitting this note successfully will activate your Overdrive for the upcoming set of notes.

The idea is to deploy your Overdrive one after another without any gaps in order to keep the game counting for a grand total of 90 seconds. Therefore here are my suggestions on the order for your band mates to deploy based upon the info listed above:

  1. Start with the drummer since they are generally given the least opportunities to deploy.
  2. Right before the drummer’s Overdrive runs out (about 25% left; give or take depending on your skill level and reaction time), have either your guitar or bassist deploy theirs.
  3. Just like before, have your singer deploy their Overdrive before the previous player runs out.
  4. End with the remaining band member (guitar or bassist) deploying theirs.
  5. If done correctly, you should see the achievement completion pop-up for each of your band mates (granted they have not already completed this).
    • Here are some additional caveats & tips: Timing may not be perfect and the opportunities for the singer may not show, or someone else may have deployed too early possibly jeopardizing the ability to meet the 90 second goal. Either way, make sure that each band member is constantly refilling their overdrive meters so they can jump in and activate theirs to keep the clock running. Depending on the song and opportunities for white notes, best people to jump in and save are the first two band members (from steps one and two). Keep in mind that fourth member must be ready to deploy and cannot afford to deploy early.
    • Utilize the strategy from the previous page. Have the guitar and bassist take advantage of sustained white notes by using their whammy bars to quickly draw the power. Doing this on longer notes can fill them half way.
    • Have your guitarist, bassist, and drummer continue to hit white notes while in overdrive to keep their overdrive bars running longer. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, it will deplete rather quickly. Therefore, exercise caution and be prepared to have the next band mate jump in and deploy their Overdrive instead of the 25% rule.

Conclusion/Additional Advice

Congratulations! You just earned your band 25 gamer points apiece, and the bragging rights for earning this achievement.

As you can see, there are benefits to playing the game with friends, which leads me to my next advice…

Play the game as much as possible with friends in tour mode. Generally, if one band member earns an achievement in a song, all actively playing members will earn it as well (kind of like a four for one special). Now, I cannot guarantee this will work for all of the challenge mode achievements because certain challenges will require specific instruments to play (or only play), but for all others, it will work. Therefore, four friends can complete most of the games achievements simply by playing together.

Please keep in mind that in order to earn achievements, each band member must be logged into their respective XBox Live profiles at the time the achievement is earned, otherwise you will miss out!

I suggest for members that are traveling to other peoples homes, they invest in a memory card to carry their profiles on (just purchase the smallest card capacity you can find). This will save lots of time and frustration from having to recover your profile on a friends XBox, and then having to re-recover it when you get back home. All you need to do is:

  • Go to the memory management screen on the 360’s dashboard
  • Go to your profile
  • Select copy & choose your memory card as the destination.
    • Note that this is a move and not a copy. Your profile can only exist on one device at one time (even when you do a recover on a friend’s 360)
  • Now, you can play with your profile directly from your memory card at your friend’s place.
  • When you get home, just do the reverse, and copy it back to your system.
    • On the other hand, you can just leave it on the memory card if you are going to be doing this often. Just remember that you have to have your memory card inserted in your system or you will not be able to play with your profile.