How to Get Free Rock Band and Rock Band 2 Song Tracks from Pepsi

How to Get Free Rock Band and Rock Band 2 Song Tracks from Pepsi
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Rock Band

One of the coolest features of the Rock Band series of games is the huge library of downloadable songs available. No longer are players limited to the songs included by the developers on the disk, now they can customize their music library by downloading hundreds of additional tracks at an additional price.

The sheer number of these tracks makes downloading more than a few somewhat cost prohibitive for most gamers. That is, until now.

Pepsi and Rock Band have joined forces to bring us the “Pepsi Rock Band” promotion. Players can now enter codes found on specially-marked 20 oz and 2 liter bottles of Pepsi products, as well as on fountain cups, to enter to win free downloadable tracks, video game systems, Rock Band Bundles, and even a trip to Las Vegas.

I’m not normally one to promote these types of contests. Typically, they require a lot of effort and offer very little chance of actually winning. This contest has been quite lucrative for me, however. I’ve gotten several free Rock Band tracks already, and I haven’t been buying any more soda than I normally would. It’s just a great way for soda drinkers who also happen to be gamers to pick up some free game addons.

The free tracks are available for the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and the Playstation 3. No console owner is left out this time.

Code Entry

There are several ways to enter codes found on Pepsi products. Players must first register at the Pepsi Rock Band Website. Afterward, codes can be entered online and through text messages from a registered mobile device.

Registering a cell phone is very easy and I’ve personally found it very convenient to text in my codes as soon as I buy a soda, rather than trying to keep track of a bottle cap all day.

Entered codes are stored in the player’s account on the website until they choose to log on and redeem them. You can’t play the game from your cell phone, but any codes you enter will be there waiting for you when you get a chance to log on.

Play For Prizes

Rock Band Gift Card

Players can redeem their stored credits by clicking on the “Play for Prizes” link on the top of the Pepsi Rock Band Website. There are several options for play.

The left side of the screen is the “Instant Win” area. Here, players who choose to enter their points will know immediately if they have won a prize. Simply choose the prize you’d like to play for (free Rock Band tracks or one of the Rock Band 2 Special Edition packages awarded each hour), and click the “Play 1 Point Now” button.

On the right is the “Weekly Sweepstakes” entry form. Players can choose to try for a trip to Las Vegas, an Xbox 360 console, Flip mini video camera, a Rock Band Playmate figure, or a $25 gift card for the Rock Band store. Each entry gives you a chance at the weekly drawing, and you’ll have to wait to find out if you’ve won.

Get Free Rock Band Tracks

Pepsi Rock Band Promotion

I’ve personally entered the contest about ten times now. I’ve only been playing for free song tracks, and I’ve won five already. Those are some great odds for anyone looking to increase their Rock Band library.

While the odds on the other prizes are nowhere near as good, this contest is a fantastic way for someone (like me) who already drinks a lot of Pepsi products to get some free Rock Band tracks.

The contest only lasts a limited time, so anyone looking to get some free tracks would do well to enter as quickly and as often as possible. I usually don’t even bother with these contests, but with a 50% winning percentage and great prizes I actually use, you can bet I’ll be entering as many times as I can until it ends.

For complete contest rules, be sure to check out the Official Contest Rules Page on the website.