Ratchet and Clank Sive Matters Walkthrough for the PSP -- Part 2 of 5 -- Robot Wars 3

Ratchet and Clank Sive Matters Walkthrough for the PSP -- Part 2 of 5 -- Robot Wars 3
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Clank and Robot Wars 3

Ratchet and Clank will be split up during this mission. You start out playing as Clank, who will be given a series of challenges. The challenges let you earn money to buy new upgrades and equipment. You only need to pass two challenges in “Robot Wars 3" before you can continue the game

Start the Clank Challenges with the Destruction Derby. Exit the area. Use the platform to travel to another pad where you see a giant headless robot. Enter the robot to become Giant Clank. You must complete this challenge to continue. The challenge is a simple shooter akin to the arcade classic Asteroids. (For people who are not old enough to remember this Atari classic, it means you must avoid the asteroid and other debris that flies through space.)

Beat the tecnomite dreadnought to complete the challenge. The dreadnought fires a barrage of missiles and shots at you that can be avoided by flying in a circular pattern. You can also shoot down the missiles if necessary. You must defeat the Dreadnought.

Ratchet and Clank Size Matters Walkt Throuh: Dream Time

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The game returns control to Ratchet. You are currently in a dream world. Clank is not with you. The hazy backgrounds of the dream make it difficult for a player to find his way through. You will be using the swing feature of Ratchet’s wrench quite a bit as well. The sprout-o-matic, the concussion gun, and the lacerator see quite a bit of use through this level. You will also learn how Ratchet can climb walls by jumping.

Saw-wielding Captain Quarks attack you with multiple weapons. Rotating metal balls that shoot laser beams halt your progress at several points through this level. The beams cause instant death if you get caught in one. The saws the Captain Quarks throw are nasty but not fatal. Come to a platform at the end of this section. Enter the portal here.

When Bats Attack

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Ratchet must now kill the bats that attack him. The concussion gun and the suck cannon work well here. When you defeat the bats, another portal opens. The area the portal takes you to contains bats and more saw throwing Quarks. Kill the bats first. Avoid the attacks from the Quarks and eliminate. Repeat this procedure remains the same until you come to a building.

The building is guarded by lasers and saw-throwing Captain Quarks. Go inside the building. You need to break the mirrors, even though this will cause more bats will attack you. The mirrors allow you to get to the other side of the room. Travel through several buildings before you come to a large circle. Get ready for the next boss attack The lack of weapons might make beating this boss a little tricky. Oh yeah, he also resembles a small headed giant Clank.

Avoid the dream Clank. You cannot damage him. Clank will try to run over Ratchet. The giant Clank jumps around during the fight and sends out a stream of butterflies which will damage Ratchet when he gets hit by them. The circle of butterflies that attacks Ratchet contains a small hole that you can exploit to keep Ratchet safe..

The dream Clank will dismounts at the end of the fight. Another Clank appears in the circle. One robot blames Ratchet and the other robot says that this is all his fault. You’ll follow the one that says it’s all his fault. When the dream ends, Ratchet wakes up in a medical facility.

Ratchet and Clank Size Matters Waltkrhough: Escape from the Medical Facility

Ratchet and Clank Size Matters

Ratchet will wake up in the medical facility where the “little girl” took him. Watch a video that explains some of what has been done to him.. Search around the room where they held Ratchet. Go to the door and enter the grind lock. You’ll get through and face some more enemies on the outside.

Walk forward until you reach a set doors that must be opened by using a console. The base’s defenses send robots out to attack you. Clank must get in the robot suit and keep the robots from hitting Ratchet. The robots follow a predictable pattern and it takes three shots with the freeze ray to destroy one. The goal is to keep Ratchet alive until he can open the door. You will go through a series of three of these doors before reaching the final exit.

The final exit contains more robots. You do not need to have Ratchet and Clank separate. The quick way to handle this fight is to defeat the robots before they get into the suits that fire at you. When you clear the room, get ready to go to your ship.

Win a Hover Board Race to Get a Polarizer

Ratchet and Clank take the ship to the medical center. (Don’t ask the author to explain this one, just rest assured that it is the case.) You must challenge the space-age skater to another race. Win the first hover board race to get the polarizer. You can engage in the other tracks if you want to, but they only provide you with extra money. Get ready for the next planet.

Investigating the Tecnomite City on Challax


You can find a titanium bolt not far from the landing. Get the titanium after you land and learn out about the hover car. Exit the ship and head to the Tecnomite city by using the shrink ray and the hover car. If you have 50,000 bolts, buy the PDA. The PDA allows you to buy ammunition and new weapons anywhere.

Enter the grind lock to open the elevator door. Go down to what looks like an airport terminal. The entrance is blocked by luggage. Equip the polarizer. Use it to move the luggage out of the way. The luggage will hit a switch and the barrier will come down. Switch your weapon to the lacerator and defeat the robots that come after you. Repeat this process through the next couple of rooms.

Go forward until you come to a vendor. This machine only sells weapon upgrades Buy any weapon upgrades you can afford. Open the nearby door. Enter the room that looks like a warehouse. This room includes two sentry robots that shoot electrical beams at you. These beams do quite a bit of damage. Avoid them. Take out the other enemies in the room. When the room is clear, go across the room and use your wrench on the bolt near the door.

Ratchet and Clank Size Matters Walkthrough: Sprout-o-Matic Shines Again


The next room contain a few crates that will help you with extra items. Be sure to clear the room of enemies as well. Use the sprout-o-matic to grow a ladder near the top. You must repeat the process up on top to make explosive seed pods. Fire one towards the pillar in the room. The pillar collapses and you may now use it as a bridge. Jump into the center room and climb up the pole.

The makeshift bridge leads to the last room in the terminal. Use the polarizer to get through it and gain access to the elevator. The concussion gun does help with certain aspects of the elevator fight. It will remove monsters that are near you quickly. There are more enemies who attack you with the electrical beams. Avoid these as you are going up.

When you get to the top, you will see a series of leaves and platforms. A ship comes towards you that destroys the platforms. Jump across this area. When you get to the end, you find a stable platform where the next boss fight occurs.

The Dropship Fight

Ratchet and Clank

Ratchet and Clank must now defeat a drop ship. Two shock troopers attack you from the sides, you can take these out but it is a waste of ammo. You should have the dual lacerator by now. Fire at the ship.

Eventually the ship switches from a single beam to a sweeping beam. Avoid the beam and continue firing at the ship. When you get its health down to zero, you gain a new set of armor. You’ll also see a cut scene that explains more about what the little girl who abducted you is up to. Captain Quark rejoins this merry band of adventurers, much to the chagrin of Ratchet and Clank.


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