Review of the Sims 1 & 2: Expansion Packs of The Sims 1

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The Fantastic not So Reality of The Sims

When the first installment of the Sims appeared on the market, the game itself sold 50 million units, but with the Expansion Packs the game sales expanded beyond all estimations, helping the game to become the best selling PC title in history.

The expansion packs of the first installment are rare to be found separately but they can be found in a compilation of games like The Sims Complete Collection who has an average prince of US$40.00 and is the most easy to find on the internet and at videogame stores. The expansion packs take out the ordinarily lives of the Sims and put them in odd but yet fantastic situations like a Harry Potter adventure in Makin’ Magic or be a glamorous movie star in Superstar. In this article we are going to take an overview on the expansion packs.

The Expansion Pack List:

1) Livin’ Large: The first expansion pack of the game, where the Sims development is expanded and new characters are introduced like the Mime, but also there are more careers to choose and to expand the actions of The Sims and the best more neighborhoods to construct.

2) House Party: More than an a expansion is just an extension of the Livin’ Large expansion pack, because it only expands the Livin’ Large interface rather than give a new scenario to the game, the cool thing with this expansion is the possibility to create a wild party.

3) Hot Date: One of the best expansion packs because it gives a dose of reality to the game, due it gives the opportunity to see the courtship of the Sims or the heartbroken guys in the middle of Downtown. With this new game the character of Miss Crumplebottom the party pooper of the dates, she will give a bad time to the sims if they show any kind of affection.

4) Vacation: One of the best expansions ever of the game, as the title says you can take your sims to a vacation, but as everything in the sims universe you will need money to sustain the holidays. Two new characters are introduced, The Beach Shark who helps rising the mood of the vacationers and the Yeti who have the same function but in the Ski Resort.

5) Unleashed: One of the most popular expansions of the game because it was the first one to introduce the concept of having a pet and train it, and at some extent play as the dog or cat. New characters are introduced as the Pet trainer who will help to behave those naughty pets.

6) Superstar: Ever wanted to become a superstar?, well with the Sims: Superstar you have the opportunity to bright and become the next Marilyn Monroe and to have your obsessed fan but at the cost of lowering down the mood of the sim, in reality it doesn’t matter because if you play your cards right you can become the next star in the Studio Lot.

7) Makin’ Magic: If you ever wanted to be Harry Potter, this expansion is just right for you, your Sim can make a career in magic and improve his magical skills to become the next Houdini.