Fifa Who? Play Real Football 2011 for iPhone

Fifa Who? Play Real Football 2011 for iPhone
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The Real Football 2011 iPhone app has all you need in a football game with its incorporated sprinting, kicking, blocking, dribbling, and the occasional goals that you score if you are a good player. When you start the game you come upon a menu that allows you to select your team from a total of 21 teams per screen view. Trade and transfer and make your dream team, then get ready to play some real football.

Controls (5 out of 5)

Real Football in play

Real Football 2011 Tackle

If you have played Real Football 2010, then you will already know how to operate these controls, as not much has changed in that regard, but if you are new to the game, you just need to know that the left joystick is used to maneuver the character that you have selected. If you need to run or sprint, you simply need to select the “sprint’ button in the lower right hand corner of the screen and you are equipped with the “A” and “B” button that you use for shooting and passing the ball respectively. These buttons can also be used to perform little tricks such as; you can hit and then slide the “A” button to lob the keeper and you can do the same thing with the “B” button to cross the ball. To make a through pass, you will select the pass button and hold it down until the pass is done and you can try other tricks by tapping on empty spaces of the field or drawing a circle. Your characters will do tricks like roulettes and step overs.

Graphics (5 out of 5)

Real Football 2011 Airial View

Real Football 2011 Kicking Football

The graphics of Real Football 2011 surpass those of its predecessors Real Football 2009 and 2010. The animation is better and the players move more fluidly. This is mostly due to the fact that this game has utilized the retina display of the iPhone 4 like it’s supposed to and most users will agree that it is far from pixelated. The game has been brought to life in Real Football 2011, not just in the gameplay itself, but also in the spirit of the game. The stadiums are colorful and energetic with the animated crowd and sharp green grass. Often you can note the torn up grass on the field when a slide tackle is done. They magically fade after a while but hey, it’s a nice touch.

Game Play (4 out of 5)

Real Football 2011 Quiz

Real Football Goal Line-up

The gameplay of Real Football 2011 has slightly upgraded from 2010 with the options that are available for gameplay. These repeated and new additions will have you playing for hours, even if you are not playing a regular match. There are the historical matches where you can play those great football games of the last World Cup that you wished had ended differently including the qualifying rounds. The objectives in these matches are set though, but it poses a nice challenge as you will have to fulfill these objectives before you can move on to the next round. You may find that when you start the match, some of the time has already passed and maybe the opposing team has already scored, your aim is to score a tie and then a tie breaker before the match ends to move on to the next challenge.

Real Football Gerrard

If you are new to the game altogether, you can start with the training mode, but don’t worry about the training mode being simple instructions on how to pass and kick, consider the fact that it has ten levels and can have you playing for a long time before you remember that you haven’t started the actual game proper yet. You will even win medals in the training mode.

All the categories that were within Real Football 2010 have been re-added so look out for the RPG-lite Enter the Legend mode where you can still make your character and teach him skills and watch him become the best football player ever, if you are any good! The Season, Penalty Shootout, Cup, and League modes are still there to play so you will only be gaining in this new version of Real Football. Gameloft knows that in any Football game app, especially if you want to call yourself “Real” you have to be able to trade players and make transfers and even change the name of the players and the teams. Additionally, you will have a constant feed of the scores from other games in the league that you are playing in so that you can keep updated via the RSS ticker at the bottom of your screen. There is also a multiplayer mode that you can utilize with the use of your Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi connection, but alas; you can’t play online.

Summary (4 out of 5)

Real Football 2011 Commentators

In conclusion, it is safe to say that Real Football 2011 is definitely one of the best football/ soccer games for the iPhone. It brings to life all that you will need from a football game and the graphics and gameplay are amazing. There is only one complaint that seems to be unanimous amongst Real Football 2011 and 2010 players and that is the fact that the commentary doesn’t stack up. It is sometimes off and sounds generic. If Gameloft fixes that in their next releases, they will almost certainly get the full 5 star rating that they deserve.