Should I Use Pathfinder Character Generators?

In the Past…


I have been a table-top, pen and paper role-playing gamer now for roughly twenty years. I have created just about every possible character you could think of, whether it was to be played as a player or controlled as a Game Master, and I can honestly say that unless you have every detail of that character's race, class, feats, skills, and everything else committed to memory, things can get confusing and inconvenient.

Many times I've rolled to hit, and forgotten about some bonus that I was supposed to factor in due to racial abilities or character size or some situational benefits, or had to stop game play to recount all of my bonuses only to find that during character creation I wrote down the wrong numbers, so all my rolls since the beginning were wrong.

In addition to that, by level four or five, my character sheets are always pretty worn out from all the erasing and changing of skills as my character progressed in level.

From Paper to Pixel


I will admit that I like having a hard copy of a document in my hand, rather than reading it on a computer screen, but the benefits of going electronic are simply too many and too convenient to ignore.

How many character sheets have you had gone the way of the garbage can due to spilled Mountain Dew, Doritos cheese-powder smudges or a destructive younger sibling? Have you ever erased right through the page or changed your gold amount so many times it just looks like a scribbled mess? Heck, I've even had it happen that I simply couldn't read my own writing!

By taking your character from the page to the pixels, you are eliminating all these issues in one move. No more ripped papers, no more smudged ability scores, and no more papers to store.

Pathfinder Character Generators

Simply typing up your character in a word processor isn't quite enough either. It does solve the problems of damage and loss, but you're still calculating all of your abilities and bonuses yourself.

Pathfinder character generators take the need to do this out of your hands completely.

My favorite of all the Pathfinder character generators that are available is here. This Pathfinder character generator is complete with all the specifics for all the available classes and races. When you click a race, it automatically adds racial bonuses. When you click a class, it automatically adds class feats.

Another feature I like is that for those of you (or those of US I should say) who still like to have a hard copy in your hand, there's a button at the bottom of this Pathfinder character generator that will generate a tidy character sheet that you can print out.