What is Savage Worlds

What is Savage Worlds
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What is Savage Worlds?

Savage Worlds is an open-ended roleplaying system which was created by Pinnacle Entertainment Group in 2003. The slogan of Savage Worlds is “Fast! Furious! Fun!” as it encourages players to jump straight in and begin playing without spending a long time preparing. In Savage Worlds you create your own character using a character sheet and roleplay as that character in the many different environments. The difference between role-playing games and other games is that instead of saying, “My character attacks the monster”, it is said that, “I attack the monster”.

Like other roleplaying games, a “Gamemaster” is needed to control the flow of the story and help the game continue. This person dictates the rules and setting of the game world. Also in similarity to other roleplaying games, dice are used to determine the outcome of the characters actions and abilities while in the game world.

What is the Difference Between Savage Worlds and Other Roleplaying Systems?

The difference between Savage Worlds and other open ended roleplaying systems such as Dungeons and Dragons is that there is no

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set world the game must be played in. The Savage Worlds rule set is able to used in many different settings such as World War 2, the Wild West, to the modern day world and many more. Players are free to design their own world from scratch, or they can use a pre-designed world to roleplay in. This system enables Savage Worlds to be played by people of all skill levels, from experienced players to amateurs of roleplaying.

Another difference is that even from the beginning, the rules of roleplaying have been streamlined to encourage fast and quick play, without sacrificing any of the complexity that other roleplaying games such as World of Darkness have. Unlike these other games, in Savage Worlds you will not need to spent a lot of time looking up rules midgame. The other difference is the flexibility in character creation, not only can the world be personalised but so can the characters, in that there are no limits but the players imagination. Everything from Alien spaceships, to futuristic weaponry, to magical spells are able to be included if the players choose so.

Where Can I Purchase Savage Worlds?

The Savage Worlds character creation sheet can be downloaded from the company’s website. As well as other tools such as a “Training Wheels” sheet which can help you design your characters. These tools are a must have for new players and provide great help in helping you to learn how to play Savage Worlds.

Other tools such as books and pdf files giving world settings and information are able to be purchased using real money from the companies’ store. Also if you are looking to become a part of Savage Worlds then you might want to also look into joining an online community such as Savage Worlds Online.