Facebook Game Review: MMA Pro Fighter

Facebook Game Review: MMA Pro Fighter
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MMA Pro Fighter Game Basics (4 out of 5)

This game puts you into the role of a mixed martial arts fighter or MMA fighter. You start out very weak but you can get stronger by doing training or “missions” in the gym these consist of pushups, running, boxing and other training you would expect an upcoming fighter to perform to get stronger. Once you have done some training you are ready to hit the ring and do some fighting. If you lose your trainer will tell you some techniques you need to learn to get better. In the game shop you can purchase fighting techniques such as some boxing or wrestling moves to improve your fighters performance in the ring. Some of the training missions will need equipment so these items can be purchased for your fighter in the game shop. You will get cash and experience you can apply to your fighter once you hit the ring. You will also receive some pro points and you can spend these with the ring girl who will “heal” you and get you back in the ring.

Your Player (4 out of 5)

MMA Pro Fighter

From the fighter tab you can get an overview of your fighter and see what moves you have to use in the ring. You can upgrade your moves to the master level in the game shop. Your trainer will tell you what moves you might need after each fight so it’s helpful to follow his advice. At the fighter tab you can change your attributes as you level up such as cardio, and health, which will help you fight longer in the ring while stamina will give you more time to train. At the fighter tab you can edit the basic look of your fighter but their isn’t many options here. The technique tab will show you al the moves you have and the inventory any items such as punching bags or gloves you may own.

The Fight Screen (5 out of 5)

Once you have trained you are ready to start fighting. From the fight screen you pick another Facebook user and get into the ring. It’s a good idea to pick one slightly below or above your level for the best results. If you have Facebook friends playing you can also fight with them for extra cash. During each match you will get a breakdown of the different moves being used with your health and cardio going up or down accordingly. At the end or the match your trainer will give you advice as to what to moves to get next to make your fighter better. There are some “boss” fighters you can try your luck with once you hit the higher levels in the game.

Training Your MMA Fighter (4 out of 5)

MMA Pro Fighter

From the training screen you can hit the gym and get some workouts done. When you train you allow your fighter to perform better in fights. If you don’t train your fighter will be weak during matches and you will probably lose. At the top of the screen your constitution bar will tell you of you need training. When the bar says “mighty” you are fit enough to take to the ring. There are many different training exercises you can do with some of the requiring you to purchase equipment such as gloves or a punching bag in the game store.

Challenge/Shop (4 out of 5)

MMA Pro Fighter

The challenge screen provides different rewards for your fighter. For example, fight fifteen opponents and get a cash reward or spar with five Facebook friends. In the game shop you can purchase equipment for your fighter as well as combat moves. So for example you could specialize in all boxing moves if you wanted to. Each move will use up a number or cardio points. Some move will bring you a higher attack while others will boost your defenses against incoming attacks. You can also upgrade each basic move to the master level with additional cash you get from fighting.

Ring Girl (3 out of 5)

At the ring girl screen you can spend your pro points and heal your damaged attributes after a fight. Your status bars will heal slowly over time but the ring girl can do it quickly allowing you to get back into the ring. You can also buy pro points from the ring girl with real life cash or convert your game cash to pro points.

Game Play Interface (5 out of 5)

MMA Pro Fighter is a great looking game and works the same as the many rpgs on Facebook. The graphics are decent for the game and the fights have a good description and some basic animations of what is going on in the match. Some additional looks for your fighter would be a welcome addition. The game has introduced nationality flags shorts so that is a good start.

Final Views on MMA Pro Fighter

MMA Pro Fighter is a good Facebook rpg style game. Don’t expect anything amazing here but it’s quite fun if your into the ultimate fighting sport and like those types of games. The game looks good and gives you lots of different moves to try out on your opponents. This game is a nice change of pace from the Mafia War games.