The Dark Eye RPG Rules Lite!

The Dark Eye rpg has been developed in Germany. Since its beginnings, the rules have been revised three times so that the current version of rules is already the 4th volume. The Drakensang series of pc games are based upon the current rule set too. Do you know the basic rules of The Dark Eye volume 4? They are very complex so here are The Dark Eye rpg rules lite!

Character Creation

First, you have to decide on the race, culture and profession of your character. Each race, culture and profession comes with specific advantages and disadvantages, e.g. bonuses or minus points for certain skills or skill sets.

You have 110 points to distribute between your race, culture, profession and attributes so choose wisely. Some races, cultures or professions are “gratis”, others quite expensive. On the other hand, those expensive ones often come with some great advantages. The attributes (eight in total) cost one point per attribute point. Starting values should be between 8 and 14.

The next step is the distribution of your skill points. The costs to increase each skill from one value to the next are defined in a table and are dependent on the type of skill. Physical skills, for example, are much more expensive than craftsmen or wisdom skills. Don’t forget that you need to increase your weapon skills as well!

The Skill System

Each skill is dependent on three attributes (or two attributes where one counts double). To open a lock successfully, for example, you need to throw three dice with 20 sides. Your three lock-picking attributes need to be higher than the die value. If the die value is higher, you can use a skill point for each point of difference to make the try successful.

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Your lock-picking skill is at 6, your attributes dexterity and intuition are at 13 and 9 (dexterity is used double). You throw 14, 7, 12. Your first die is one point higher than your dexterity so you need one of the six skill points. The second throw is less so you don’t need any skill points here. The third throw, however, is three points too high (9 to 12) so you need another three skill points. Your try is successful and you have two skill points left (which can be important to define how well you have used your skill).

Sometimes, two skills are tested against each other. One character might try to sneak up to another character while the second one tries to hear or spot the first one. Then it is especially important that your try is successful with as many skill points left as possible.

The Battle System or The Dice Rule

The Dark Eye rpg has a round-based battle system. You will need to throw dice with twenty sides to determine success or failure. Your

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weapon skills have skill points just like any other skill. However, you distribute these skill points to attack and parry values which then will be culminated with your base attack and parry values. You throw a die and need to get the same or a lower value than your total attack or parry value to succeed.

Each character has exactly one attack and one parry move per battle round. If you are attacked and your attacker’s try was successful, you need to throw a successful parry. If you fail, the attacker throws another die (as determined by his weapon) to determine the damage he deals. Your armor protection will be subtracted from the damage and you receive the remaining amount of damage.

Of course, you can also use special moves or magic during battles. Each move or spell needs a certain amount of rounds, i.e. you can’t attack or parry as long as you’re preparing your special move or spell.

You have won a battle when you have killed all enemies or all your enemies have surrendered.

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