Space Browser Games: Colony of War Review

Space Browser Games: Colony of War Review
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Colony of War Basics (5 out of 5)

Colony of War is a browser based space MMO war game that offers some nice features for a game in this genre. The game has all the basic base building you expect from browser-based war games but you can actually pilot a robot in the space portion of the game, fly around and blast things. You can fight enemies in space, mine resources, and complete missions. Robots can be equipped with multiple weapons, armor, shields, and other vital components. You can upgrade your structures at your colony and unlock even more powerful robots to pilot. You can take missions and level up to use different weapons and other parts on your robots. Join an alliance and battle with other game players or create your own in Colony of War.

Combat (5 out of 5)

Colony of War

Colony of War features some excellent combat for a browser game. You can control robot in the space portion and fly around the game map. You can take a mission for rewards, or just go out and mine some extra resources for your colony. You’ll encounter various enemies and if you have a more advanced robot you can even transform it. In the hanger area of your base, you have multiple options for your machine including multiple weapons lots, ammunition slots, and the ability to use different cpus, engines, and storage containers for your robot. To use your robot and modify it you need to board the machine to make changes. In the game, you can even fuse two robots into one and create your own. The combat portion of the game is excellent and makes Colony of War well worth playing.

Base Structures (4 out of 5)

In your colony, you can build multiple structures including those for resources, technology, and military units. You can’t mine all the resources in the game at your base you’ll have to send your robot out into space to mine everything. The base includes structures to build robots and other military units to protect your colony from attacks. You’ll find multiple defensive and offensive units to build for your base in the army section of Colony of War. Through your base barracks, you can select your robots and other military units to take missions in the game to the other areas of space. The research facility offers multiple technologies to help improve your base and help you level up in the game. Your base also requires power structures which reduce the amount of fuel used by your robots.

Graphics/Sound/Interface (5 out of 5)

Colony of War

Colony of War is a great looking browser game and the fact that you can control a robot in space makes this game a cut above your average browser game with standard text combat. The game has a decent soundtrack too which adds to the game play. The game is colorful and the map looks great. Overall the graphic presentation in this game makes it a standout in the space based browser game genre. The game is easy to move around in and there’s not a whole lot of extra tabs to confuse you. The game has four main tabs including one for building robots, doing research, building other units, and constructing buildings. In the left pane you can access the hanger to maintain your robots, taske, quests, manage alliances and more. A simple button at the top gives you access to space or the station to buy equipment.

Multiplayer (4 out of 5)

Like most browser games there’s a multiplayer component to Colony of War where you can join an alliance and battle with other players. Click the alliance button on the left panel to access the interface for alliances. You can create your owen union or join an established one. It’s generally a good idea to join one unless you have experience with a union of your own which can take up a lot of your free time.

General Game Play (4 out of 5)

Colony of War

Colony of War is the next step in browser-based games. It’s nice to play a game that doesn’t rely on text-based combat and have one where you can actually move your units around in. There’s plenty to build and the robot units in the game look great. You’ll have fun building your base and equipping your robots with all the various weapons and armor in the game. It’s fun to use multiple weapons on your robot too. The only low point is an odd sign-in procedure that gives you a small keyboard to type in your login information at least through Facebook. It would be easier just to have the normal login screen you would expect to see. This isn’t a game breaker but it can be very annoying at times.

Conclusion (4 out of 5)

Colonyof War is a great browser game and well worth checking out. The animiated combat is fun and there’s plenty of units and buildings in the game to keep you busy. The robots feature some nice customization and you can buy many different weapons and other components for them. Colony of War should keep space war game fans entertained for some time to come.


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Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Colony of War on Facebook.