Browser Based Space Games: Colony of War Military Unit Guide

Browser Based Space Games: Colony of War Military Unit Guide
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Building Robots with the Unit Factory

The robots you can build in Colony of War are called “units.” You’ll need a unit factory to begin the construction of basic units. Some units require you to be a certain level before you can construct them so consult your unit factory to see which units you can make currently. The first unit you can build is the basic GE-01 robot. Once you reach level ten you can build the Motowagen unit which is more powerful. After you click, the unit is produced and stored in your hanger. If you have any damaged units you can use the unit factory to repair them or complete the task directly from the hanger. Each robot gives you the requirements to build the machine and the time involved until completion. Click the robot to get a detailed description of it prior to building.

Colony Station

Colony of War

You can also buy units from the colony station. Click the unit factory at the station and as long as you have the required gold and player level, you can buy the finished unit. At the station, you can buy parts such as CPUs, storage containers, fuel boosters, armor, and new engines too. Click on the item you want and purchase it but be sure you have the right level or you won’t be able to use it on your robot unit. You can search the equipment by your level by clicking “show equipable items only” box. From the weapons factory you can use gold to buy new weapons and ammunition for your robot unit. Be sure you are at the right level prior to purchase so you can use your new gear. Use the sort boxes to sort the weapons by their various types.


In the hanger, you can equip your robot unit with all the various goodies you have bought for it. Before you can equip a unit, you must board it so click the “board” button to begin putting items on your new machine. In the inventory pane in the middle of your screen, you’ll see slots for all the various equipment you can hold and below that are slots for the weapons. Move to the item screen, select a component, and drag it over to the appropriate slot. You can move any items you don’t want to equip right to the hanger by clicking the “move all items to the hanger” button. Drag any hanger item you want to the item screen and move it onto your robot unit to equip it. For many weapons you must also purchase ammunition so be sure to buy that at the station prior to heading out into space.


At the bottom of your colony screen is a button labeled “army.” Click the army button to begin to make other types of combat units such as ships and defensive structures for your colony. Click the item in the army screen for a description and the required technologies and structure upgrades you need prior to construction. You can use the assault or defense tab at the top of the screen to decide what to build but you can only build one type at a time.


Building robots and other units is straightforward. Be sure to click the item you want and make sure you have the required player level, resources, gold, technology or structure upgrade to build it and you’ll be fine. Enjoy Colony of War it’s a great space based browser game.


All images from Colony of War.

Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Colony of War.