Castle Sim Games: Stronghold Kingdoms Online Guide

Castle Sim Games: Stronghold Kingdoms Online Guide
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Strongholds Kingdoms Online Economy

One vital area in the beginning stages of your game is your economy you’re going to need large volumes of food for your villages as well as stone, and wood to build the basic structures. Star with a hovel or two for villages and then add in stone mines and lumber mills. It’s not necessary to think about military units at this stage because your economy is more important. Be sure you have a merchant or two so you can begin trade with your parish or others on the game map. Apples, dairy, and wheat should be your starting food and then pigs and other resources. Watch your popularity and adjust your food rations as you see fit. You want to bring in more citizens so extra rations can helping that area but be sure not to use up all your food. Research banqueting which allows you to build hunters as a start, which brings in extra honor you can use for upgrading your rank and gaining access higher-level technologies. Be sure to buy extra food with your merchant if you find yourself running low.

Your Parish

Stronghold Kingdoms

A parish is an important part of your game. Be sure to donate resources to your parish so the owner can build it up. You can vote for the leader of your parish too. It’s a good idea to select the parish leader who has the strongest castle or has obtained a high-level rank in the game. Use the parish capital to move buy and sell resources but be sure to send free donated resources on the parish screen too. View your parish screen to read the messages from your parish leader and a forum for the parish capital is also available for you to use.

Your Castle

While the parish has its own castle so do you. It’s up to you to get the defenses of your castle ready for attack. You start with the ability to use basic wood but this won’t last long in an attack so plan to upgrade to stone and stone towers. Research the fortification technology to gain access to stone castle structures and defenses for defensive buildings such as killing pits, oil pots, and the moat. Don’t bother with peasants for castle defense archers are needed for your towers. Using peasants for an attack on a very low-level castle can be successful if they are used in large numbers. Use the repair function if your castle is damaged as long as you have the resources for the repairs.

Technology Tree

Stronghold Kingdoms

The game features a huge technology tree so here are a few of the basic technologies you should have in the beginning stages. There are many more technologies but these are good to start with.

Farming Technologies

Farming technologies help to increase the levels of your food supplies. You need to upgrade these in the beginning to get a dedcent food supply coming into your village.

Orchard Management – Increases apple production.

Dairy Farming – Increases Cheese Production

Wheat Production – Increases bread making.

Hops Farming – Needed to make ale which can help with town happiness.

Military technologies

Military technolgogies give you access to castle units such as archers and pikemen while also improving the defenses of your castle.

Fortification – Allows for higher-level defensive structures such as stone walls.

Castellation – Provided better basic castle defense

Defenses – Increases archer’s effectiveness on walls and allows for other defense technologies such as pits and moats.

Command – Increases maximum army size

Long Bow – Allows access to archers a good early unit and increase their hit points.

Education Technologies

On the education side you have merchants for trade the ability to have a better stockpile for resources among others.

Engineering – Allows for more storage in your village granary for food.

Stockpile Capacity- Allows for more storage at the stockpile for wood and other building materials.

Merchant Guild – Allows for merchants to buy and sell goods.

Industry Technologies

Not only does industry help your economy but it also helps to supply your military and keep your city running well with resources.

Stone Quarrying – Increases stone production (Essential early technology)

Forestry – Increases wood production (Essential early technology)

Tools – reduces building costs.

Banqueting – Allows for banquets at your town center, which raise honor points.

Fletching – Increased bow productivity an essential early weapon.


This is only as small fraction of Strongholds Kingdowms Online but should get you started with the basics. Be sure to upgrade your rank when you have enough honor and be sure to get that economy running well before attacking. Look for more in-depth guides to follow. Enjoy this great castle sim game that you can now play online.


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Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Stronghold Kingdoms Online.