Stronghold Kingdoms Technology Guide

Stronghold Kingdoms Technology Guide
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Industry Technology

To have a strong town you’ll need to focus some training on industry technology. In the early game you’ll need an ample supply of wood and stone to construct the basic buildings such as apple orchards, dairy farms, stone quarries, and lumber mills you’ll need to get your economy moving. Here is a listing of the technologies under the industry category in Stronghold Kingdoms.

Stone Quarry – Increases the stone production in your city. This technology is vital for your castle defenses and for building normal town structures.

Forestry – Upgrade this technology early on to increase your wood supplies, which is need to construct buildings.

Tools – This technology will increase your building costs.

Iron Mining – This technology gives you access to iron mines and iron needed for armor making and castle defenses.

Pitch Extraction – This technology gives you access to pitch for castle defenses such as burning oil.

Banqueting – This technology allows you to hold feasts to increase your honor level. It grants you access to hunting, carpentry, metal bashing, tailoring, wine production, salt working, spice trade, and silk trade. As you level up in rank, more of these technologies will unlock for you.

Weapon Making – This technology allows you to make weapons in the game.

Fletching – Grants you access to arrows for archers and the fletcher building.

Armor Working – grants you access to armor making and the armor building.

Pole Turning – Grants you access to pikes and the pole turning building.

Blacksmithing – Gives you swords and the blacksmith building.

Siege Mechanics – Gives you the catapult and the siege workshop.

Military Technology

Stronghold Kingdoms

Having great industry is fine but you’ll also need military technology too if you hope to survive for long. Here is a listing of the military technology in Stronghold Kingdoms.

Castellation – Improves the basic defenses of your castle keep per level.

Fortification – grants you access to stonewalls, towers, and other castle structures for added protection.

Vaults – increases the time it takes to pillage your village.

Defenses – Improves your defenses and gives you access to structures such as killing pits, burning oil, and moats as you upgrade the technology.

Diplomacy – increases the chances you’ll stop an enemy attack.

Construction – Reduces the time it takes for walls and other castle structures to complete.

Command – increases the size of your army available for fighting.

Conscription – Increases the hit points and strength of peasants.

Long Bow – Allows for the conscription of archers and increases their hit points.

Pike – Allows for the conscription of Pikemen and increase their hit points.

Sword – Allows for the conscription of swordsmen and increases their hit points.

Catapult – Allows for the conscription of the catapult and increases its hit points.

Scouts – Allows for scouting units.

Horsemanship – Allows for greater scouting speed.

Foraging – Allows for more resources to be foraged.

Pillaging – Increase the amount of resources you’ll pillage from enemy castles.

Ransacking – Increases the number of building you’ll destroy in a castle.

Forced March – increases army speed.

Captain - Increases the number of captain units you can have.

Logistics – increase the speed of captains.

Tactics – Grants access to captain instructions including arrow volley, rallying cry, battle cry, and catapult volley.

Farming Technology

Stronghold Kingdoms

Your army and industry will be useless without plenty of food so farming technology is critical early on in your game. Not all farming is available on all land so you may need to get another town to grow or farm everything in the game.

Orchard Management - Increases the amount of apples in the game a critical early resource.

Dairy Farming - Increases your cheese production.

Fishing - Increases fish production but your town needs to be near water for this technology.

Plough – Increase wheat, vegetable and apple productivity.

Hops Farming – Increases hops production for ale and grants you access to the brewery.

Wheat Production – increases wheat levels and allows you to make bread.

Vegetable Cropping- Allows for vegetable production.

Brewery – Increases ale production.

Bakery – Increases bread production.Animal Husbandry – Allows for pig production.

Butchery – increases meat productivity.

Education Technology

You need education to improve your town and how it’s looked after. These technologies are critical after you have basic food, industry, and military units in your city.

Mathematics – reduces the research time of technology upgrades.

Engineering – Increases storage space of goods type.

Stockpile Capacity – Increases the stockpile space so you can hold more resources such as wood, stone,and iron.

Granary Capacity – Increase overall food storage limits.

Merchant Guilds – Grants you a merchant building and merchants for trade on the game map.

Architecture – Faster building speed of all structures.

Transportation – Increases merchant speed on the map.

Commerce – Grants the right to buy and sell at different markets.

Hall Capacity – Allows you to store more honor points.

Inn Capacity – Increases your space for ale.

Armor Capacity – Gives you more room for armor pieces.

Housing Capacity- Gives you more people in your hovels.

Arts – Increases honor from positive popularity rating.

Philosophy – Reduces the gold cost for research points.

Justice – Grants you justice buildings.

Theology – grants you access to religious structures.

Literature – Grants you access to entertainment buildings.

Decoration – Gives you access to decorative items such as flowers.

Ordination – Allows for monks.

Pilgrimage – increase monk speed.

Baptism – Removes plague from parish.

Marriage – increase parish popularity.

Confirmation – Decreases parish popularity.

Eucharist – Prevents attacks on villages.

Confession - Reduces time of excommunicated villages.

Extreme Unction – Grants the ability to remove church powers.


This is a giant list of technology and you’ll need to take it slow in the game. It willt take some time before you can unlock all the technologies and advance in Stronghold Kingdoms. Concentrate on getting a good solid economy first and then worry about your military and education needs in your growing town.


All images from Stronghold Kingdoms.

Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Stronghold Kingdoms.