Stronghold Kingdoms Unit and Castle Guide

Stronghold Kingdoms Unit and Castle Guide
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Castle Structures

Your castle has many different structures to help defend your keep.. You start with basic wood wall and wood towers and a wood gatehouse but these don’t last long in an attack. You’ll want to research fortification and get yourself some stone walls as soon as possible. With stone walls you can make them as thick as you want for added protection provided you have enough stone. Once you have some decent walls upgrade and get a stone gatehouse. Stone towers include lookout towser, small tower, large tower, and great tower. Towers allow for the placement of defensive archers and are vital for early defense of your castle. Just a few archers can hold off a larger stronger army.

Castle Defenses

Stronghold Kingdoms

Besides your main towers for defense, you have other structures too. The guardhouse increases the number of troops stationed in your castle. Killing pits are defense structures that block and kill troops before they can enter your castle. With pitch, you can build smelters and oil pots to poor burning oil on your castle attackers. Moats block your enemy and it will take them time to dig under the moat to get to your castle giving your archers time to kill them. Be sure to research castellation to a high level, which will increase the overall defense of your castle. Keep adding defenses to your castle and be sure to repair any gaps if your castle is damaged

Stronghold Kingdoms Unit Guide

Peasants – These troops are effective in the early game if you upgrade them with conscription and use them in large groups of 100 or more. They can take down basic defenses but will die in droves to archers and other more advanced units. These units are useless in the defense of your castle and should not be used. Use them to attack a castle at the front of your lines to absorb all the initial damage or to weaken a castle prior to your main army attacking shortly behind them.

Archers – The archer is a defensive powerhouse and once stationed on towers is difficult to defeat. Use them in large numbers and be sure to upgrade their hit points as much as possible. They aren’t as good on the attack but can pick off defensive archers allowing your other units to attack the castle. Increase the storage capacity to hold more bows and research fletching to make bows at quick pace.

Pikemen – The pike is both a good offensive and defensive unit. Use pikemen inside your castle to kill any enemy units that breach your walls. On offense, they can help bring down walls but are still vulnerable to arrows. Research storage capacity to allow for more pikes and pole turning to increase their production rate. Pikemen also need armor so be sure to have an armor building.

Swordsmen – These units are offensive powerhouses and can decimate enemy units inside the castle. They will die to arrows and are expensive so use them once walls have been breached. Having swordsmen on defense can also help turn the tide of battle in your favor. A blacksmith will increase the production of swordsmen and they’ll need armor too.

Catapult – This unit will obliterate walls and is perfect for offensive operations against enemy castles. Use these to bring down walls so arrows and other defensive obstructions don’t slaughter your troops.

Captains – The captain can use commands in battle and can be used in offensive and defensive operations but they are very expensive so use them wisely.


Have fun designing your castle you can get some nice looking castle with all the defensive structure youhave at your disposal. be sure to increase your population and use the command upgrade to get more troops for the castle.


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Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Stronghold Kingdoms.