Secrets, Tips, and Cheats for the New Super Mario Brothers for the Nintendo DS and Guide to Unlocking Worlds

Secrets, Tips, and Cheats for the New Super Mario Brothers for the Nintendo DS and Guide to Unlocking Worlds
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There are a number of hints for the New Super Mario Bros. game. These hints help you to cheat the system and accomplish tasks ranging from unlocking worlds to collecting infinite lives. Any player is sure to appreciate them.

Infinite Lives - Collecting infinite lives is a bit tricky, but with a little luck and timing you can pull it off. When you reach World 2-4, look for two piranha plants. They’ll be in the last half of the level. When you go past them, the stairs you come to will have a turtle making his way down them. This is the tricky part. Count three stairs up from the bottom. As the turtle steps off this stair, but before he actually makes it to the next stair, jump on him. You’ll keep bouncing and you can earn up to 99 lives like this. If you miss the timing, go off screen to the left and then come back. The turtle will return. Keep trying until you make it!

Flagpole - The flagpoles at the end of the world hold a special secret in this game. If you can manage to jump onto the top of the flagpole, you’ll automatically receive an extra life.

Challenge Mode - Have you beaten the New Super Mario Bros. and found it too tame for you? Your prayers have been answered! Once you’ve beaten the game, press “Start” at the world map and press L R L R X X Y Y. This allows you to play through in challenge mode, which means that your screen will scroll on each level. Hope you can keep up!



Everyone loves unlockables. They make a game more fun and give you something to work for. Here are the best unlockables you’ll find from Super Mario Bros.

Unlockable Character - To play as Luigi, press L and R, then press A to select a save file you have of the game. You’ll then control Luigi instead of Mario.

Toad Houses - The toad houses give you different items based on their color. To control the color of your next toad house you’ll want to end the current level with the last two digits on the timer the same. Have two 1’s, 2’s, or 3’s will cause a red toad house. Red houses will give you items. A pair of 4’s, 5’s, or 6’s earns a green house with a mini-game. This gives you a chance at an extra life. Finally, 7’s, 8’s, and 9’s are an orange toad house and home of the Mega Mushroom.

Beating the Game - There are a number of treats for those who beat the game. Once you’ve beaten the game, you’ll be able to buy four different patterns for the background of the game. If you’ve cleared all the levels and all the bonus levels, then the toad houses will now be available to you with unlimited items. You can also save anywhere in the game. This is a great help for playing through a second time.

Of course, there are always things you’ll have to do the old fashioned way. To unlock Worlds 4 and 7, you’ll have to meet special requirements. For World 4, you’ll want to go fight the last boss, in the castle, of World 2. But before you do, keep in mind that you’ll have to be playing as mini-Mario when you beat him or it won’t work. For World 7, you’re doing the same thing. Beat the last boss in the castle of World 5 as mini-Mario and World 7 will be available.


The New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS just keeps the secrets coming. If infinite lives and unlimited toad houses weren’t enough, there are still plenty more ways to earn rewards in this game. In this section, we’ll cover the rest of them and how you can easily collect everything from points to mushrooms.

Collecting extra points in the game uses the same trick from the first page that controls the color of the toad house. When you complete a level with the last two digits of the time matching, you get a certain colored toad house. You’ll also see fireworks go off and hear an old Mario theme play. You get points equal to 5,000 times the last number. Wait and jump on the flag when the timer reads 99, and you’ll get 45,000 points.

To collect a mushroom, you’ll need to be playing as Mega Mario. You can then ground pound any block with multiple coins in it, and after the coins are gone a mushroom will fall out. For an extra life, the New Super Mario still takes a few tips from the old Mario games. Collecting 100 coins gives you an extra life.

Extra Advice

Finally, there are some tips that can keep you from getting yourself caught between a rock and a hard place. One such tip is to avoid the blockhoppers. These creatures come out of question mark blocks and aren’t very pleasant. The trick? If the question mark on a block doesn’t spin, there’s a blockhopper inside.

If you need some help defeating Bowser and Baby Bowser from World 8, you’ll want to get a Mega Mushroom first. These can be found in orange toad houses. Don’t use it until the fight starts. Then run past them and under Bowser when he jumps to reach a switch to defeat them.

In World 3, you can get through it in a flash. Just drop into the water when the level starts and swim the entire way. You’ll have fewer obstacles to avoid and will only have to resurface when you’re avoiding spikes.

Then there are those pesky extras that are so hard to find. If you’re looking for a hidden star, you’ll find it in World 1-2. When you find some Venus flytraps, located by two blocks, get onto the first block and jump up. There you’ll find the star. There are also the star icons themselves that can be added next to your save file. Earning these gives you full bragging rights. The first star is earned through beating the game. For star number 2, finish all the Worlds and find all the secret exits. The last star is earned if you spend all your star coins.