Super Mario Bros Wii Star Coins: Where to Find Them All in World 8 (Levels 1-4)


If you die or do not complete the level, you will lose credit for the star coins you have collected. When you collect all the star coins in World 8, you will unlock World 9, Level 8.

World 8-1


Coin 1: This coin is located to the right of a tilting platform. To get it, all you need to do is jump when the platform is high.

Coin 2: You will see a POW, but of course, pick it up and carry it instead of using it right away. Carry it until there is an arrangement of five bricks: ?, brick, brick, ? brick. Toss it here and the star coin will fall down in front of you.

Coin 3: Instead of entering the green pipe at the end of the level, continue running and you will see a tall stack of bricks. Use a beetle to break some of the bottom bricks. Slide under them and wait for the debris to break apart or use the trampoline to jump to get the star coin.

World 8-2

Coin 1: This coin is located above a round spinning platform. To get to it, you will need to jump up on the ? block and then up the platforms until you can reach the coin.

Coin 2: Look for the red and yellow horizontal pipes. Underneath them is a hidden tunnel. The coin is located in the tunnel.

Coin 3: Instead of jumping up to the pipe to exit the level, keep running straight to find a hidden tunnel with the third coin.

World 8-3

Mario in Propeller Suit

Coin 1: This coin is located down near the lava. You’ll have to hang from the disc that drops down, wait for a gap in the lava, dip down and go to the left to get the coin and then get back up out of the lava for safety.

Coin 2:This coin is going to be under a platform just after the half way point of the level. Run from right to left after a break in the lava to get the coin.

Coin 3: You can only get this star coin if you are fast. You will need to wait for a break in the lava, run fast down the slope, jump to grab the coin and then jump again to get to the platform for safety.

World 8-M

Coin 1: This star coin is located early in the level. Wait until the fire wand is horizontal to the left before jumping up to grab it.

Coin 2: Look for the check point at the top of the screen. When you see it, move to the left. Jump up from the brown blocks to find a secret door. Inside the secret door you will find the second star coin.

Coin 3: The last coin is to the left of the check point. Wait until the fire wand is horizontal to the left before jumping up to grab it.

World 8-4

Coin 1: This coin is in the second area. To get to it, you’ll need to swim near the top, until you see a gap. Jump up into the gap and run to the left to grab the coin.

Coin 2: In the third room, you’ll see the coin trapped by gold blocks. There is a hidden P button above it that you will need to hit. It will turn the blocks into coins, allowing you to swim down and get the coin.

Coin 3: In the next area, you will be going upward. The star coin is located underneath the last green pipe on the left.

World 8-5


Coin 1: This coin is above a platform. Tilt it to the right until you’re under the coin, and then tilt to the left just long enough to grab the coin. Jump to safety on the platform below the coin.

Coin 2: Though there probably is a way to get the coin without a propeller, we haven’t figured it out. Use a propeller suit to get this coin and be wary of the lava spike next to it.

Coin 3: As the track is about to shift from the upper platform to the lower one, jump up to get the star coin.

World 8-6

Coin 1: Don’t let this coin fool you. The platform will not move to a position that will allow you to get the coin, so you’re going to have to be crafty. When the platform is at is farest left point, get a running start and then wall jump from left to right to get the coin.

Coin 2: Look for three coins in a vertical line to the left of the path. Get a running start going left, and then wall jump to grab the coin.

Coin 3: Ride the swinging platform at the end of the level to grab the coin. This one is easy!

World 8-7

Coin 1: The track you’re riding will dip into and out of the lava a few times. Of course, one of these times, you’ll find a star coin in the lava, so it’s very important to be able to grab the coin (be on the right side of the platform) without falling into the lava.

Coin 2: After the check point, while still on the track, you will be able to find the second coin near two geysers. You’ll have to jump over the geysers to avoid getting hurt, but use a spin jump in midair while jumping over the geysers to grab this coin.

Coin 3: Before switching to the second track, the star coin is on the right.

World 8-C


Coin 1: You can either bounce off the cannon balls or use a propeller to get the first coin.

Coin 2: Make sure you’re a Big Mario before attempting to get this coin because of the enemies that are near it. You will see it and be able to grab it easily, provided you can get past the bad guys.

Coin 3: You will need a propeller suit to get this one. Jump on all the screws accordingly until you can see and grab the coin.

World 8-A

This is the final level of game play to beat the story. Yes, there are coins here.

Coin 1: This coin is under a platform that falls, so you will need to ride it down, grab the coin, and jump to safety on the block to the left.

Coin 2: Stick the to the right wall. You’ll see it and be able to wall jump to get it and avoid the lava.

Coin 3: This coin will be seen in the final chase with Bowser. To get it, stay near the top and lure his fireballs up. You’ll see it and be able to grab it on the other side of the wall.