New Super Mario Bros Wii Star Coins: Where to Find Them All in World 7 Levels (1-4)

New Super Mario Bros Wii Star Coins: Where to Find Them All in World 7 Levels (1-4)
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If you die or do not complete the level, you will lose credit for the star coins you have collected. When you collect all the star coins in World 7, you will unlock World 9, Level 7.

World 7-1


Coin 1: Look for the vertical red pipe over the purple spinning block. When the purple block is all the way up, use a wall jump from the pipe to grab the coin. Using a propeller suit will make it easier.

Coin 2: Look for the short yellow pipe after the half way point. Take the pipe down. Go to the right. The star coin is located after the green exit pipe. Jump from the rock on the far right. Timing is key to get this one.

Coin 3: Look for the sequence of colored pipes. When you see the purple and green block, you will need to jump from the purple one to the green one in order to grab the coin.

World 7-2

Coin 1: This one is a little tricky. You need to release the Chomp when it is biting to the right, by hip dropping onto the pole that is holding it. He’ll charge off and go through the brick wall where you will be able to see and grab the coin.

Coin 2: There is a pipe at the very bottom of the screen after the bubbles and a tall cannon. Take the pipe down and get ready to swim through the bubbles to the right to get the coin.

Coin 3: After the second coin, run back to the left to get the third. It is directly under a bubble, between two Chomps. When the Chomps are relaxed, jump down grab the coin, and jump back up to escape their fury.

World 7-3


Coin 1: To get this coin, you need stand on the yellow platform toward the right side, and jump right when the star coin lands on the short track. Grab the coin as soon as it comes around.

Coin 2: Look for an area of tracks with the spiky guys and the ? blocks. When there, go to the top left blue platform.Jump straight up on the yellow flower to find a hidden block with a vine. Take the vine up, and hit the P button. This will turn the coins into the platforms you need to grab the star coin.

Coin 3: This coin is easy to see and get to as you go through the level. Grab it when you see it and finish the level accordingly.

World 7-M

Coin 1: Use the tilted platform to the get coin accordingly.

Coin 2: This one is hiding. Instead of going in the pipe when you reach the top of the first tilting platform, you will need to go all the way to the left, and jump outside the wall. This will show a hidden block. Jump onto the hidden block and then onto the ceiling. You will find a pipe that will take you down to a hidden room where the star coin is.

Coin 3: Jump on one of the Bomb-0mbs and carry it over to the wall. Run away so it will blow up the wall without hurting you. Grab the coin.

World 7-G


Coin 1: The Boxing thing will break the wall for you so you can see the first coin. To do this, stand by the wall until he charges and then move out of his way.

Coin 2: When you get to the room with four doors, take the one on the top right. Inside the room there is a large Boo, and you will need him to chase you so you can see the coin, so turn your back to him a bit. Grab the coin when he’s out of the way.

Coin 3: This is the hardest coin to get in the game so far. Lure the boxing guy underneath the stair case, where he will reveal a hidden door. Take the secret door. Climb up to the top and exit. From outside, you will see another door. Take the other door. Use the P button to reveal the coin.

World 7-4

Coin 1: When the pipe is at its highest point, jump on it. Then jump on the Bullet Bill. You’ll have to ride him to get the coin, but when the pipe is up, you’re in Bullet Bill’s path anyway.

Coin 2: Look for three tilted platforms. Keep them tilted to the left and jump from the middle one to the top one. Jump through the star coin and go to the bottom platform.

Coin 3: Look for the red pipe with the sign, and bounce on the Bullet Bills to enter the higher pipe. Either bounce on the Bullet Bills or use a propeller to grab the coin.

World 7-5

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Coin 1: Look for two big gaps with a cloud. The cloud is coveirng a piece of land you will need to jump on to get the coin.

Coin 2: Just after the checkpoint, you will see the coin but may not think you will be able to get to it. There are two bricks to the right of the coin. Break the block on the left. It’ll reveal a P button, which you can hit to turn the coins into a platform where you can get the coin.

Coin 3: Look for the cloud blowers on the vertical path. Jump onto the bottom one, and then run to where the cloud was to see the coin.


Coin 1: Either jump on the backs of the beetles or use a propeller to grab this one. It’s not easy no matter how you do it.

Coin 2: This coin is behind some clouds, so you will need to look for a path of five coins going up. Jump on the line of beetles over and over until you get to the coin.

Coin 3: You will need a propeller for this coin. Look for the large series of beetles, and ride the last one down. Grab the coin and either jump ot safety on the land, or use the propeller to keep from dying.


Coin 1: Use a running jump to break a brick to get to this one, or use a propeller to grab it.

Coin 2: Look for the green tube and spike walls. When the spikes are out of the way, take the green pipe down. In thenext room, wait for the spikes to retreat again and grab the coin.

Coin 3: Jump on top of the ? block you see after the first series of spiked pillars and jump up to find a hidden vertical path. Wall-jump up to the star coin.