New Super Mario Bros Cheats for Wii

What’s Old is New with New Super Mario Bros Wii


Super Mario Bros Wii brings the iconic plumbers and their friends to the Nintendo Wii in glorious side scrolling action for some nostalgic fun. Like all vintage games, it can get pretty challenging. Here are some helpful cheats for when a head stomp just won’t do. And be sure to check out our two reviews here and here. A game so great we had to review it twice!

Unlock Super Guide Mode in New Super Mario Bros. Wii

If you’re doing terrible in a level, and I mean really bad, the Luigi will step in and help. And by help, I mean do your job for you. If you die eight times in a row on a single level, a green exclamation point box will appear that activates the Super Guide, in which Luigi will appear and complete the level for you. That’s Italian hospitality for you! Keep in mind that once this block appears – not once you hit it, but once it appears – you won’t be able to get one of the five secret save profile stars. Which brings me to the next of my New Super Mario Bros Cheats for Wii:

New Super Mario Bros Wii Save File Stars


You can earn up to five special stars in New Super Mario Bros Wii that will display next to your save file. They don’t actually do anything other than look fancy, which makes them to similar to Xbox 360 Achievements or PlayStation 3 trophies.

To get Star 1, just beat the game. Simple as that. You can even use warp cannons.

To get Star 2, collect all of the 24 star coins in World 9.

For Star 3, complete every normal level in the game. You don’t need to find secret goals.

To get Star 4, collect every one of the 207 star coins in the first 8 worlds.

Naturally, Star 5 is the toughest to get. You must beat every level, find every secret goal, and use every one of the warp cannons to get it.

New Super Mario Bros Wii Alternate Ending


To get the normal ending for New Super Mario Bros Wii, simply beat the game once. However, if you beat it a second time, you’ll get a second, different ending.

Unlock World 9 in New Super Mario Bros Wii

World 9 becomes unlockable after you complete the game. However, to unlock the eight levels of World 9, you must collect all of the coins in the first eight worlds. To unlock a level, simply collect all of the coins in the appropriate world, like all of the coins in World 1 for World 9-1.

Mushroom Houses in New Super Mario Bros Wii


This is one of the cooler New Super Mario Bros Cheats for Wii. In certain levels in the game, the levels with the white marker, you can save Toad. Start the level and free him from the block he’s trapped in – you’ll hear his cries – and escort him to the end of the current level. Once you do this, a Mushroom House will appear on the map, and the reward you’ll get depends on where the timer is when you complete the stage.

Hit the flag when the last digit is 0 – 3 for the green house and the 1-Up cannon game. On digits 4 – 7, you’ll get the red house and match game. Finally, on 8 or 9, you’ll get the gold house and a star reward.

This system also applies to multiplayer. When the digits end in 00, 11, or 22, you get green. 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, and 88 gets you red, while 99 gets you gold.

For more multiplayer tips, check out New Super Mario Bros Wii Multiplayer Hints and Tips. And if you have a blast playing with others, check out more games for couples and party games.

Save Anywhere in New Super Mario Bros for Wii

After you complete World 8 and beat the game, the quick save option will be replaced by a hard save option, which allows you to save the game anywhere you are.

Make the Mushroom Houses Reappear

By beating the game, you’ll make all of the Mushroom Houses in the first 8 worlds reappear.

Flower Coins in New Super Mario Bros Wii

You can get extra coins by spin-jumping (shake the Wii remote) on any of the dancing flowers in the game.