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New Super Mario Bros Wii Super Guide - The Basics

by: Doctor Awesome ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Get through all of those tough worlds in the excellent New Super Mario Bros Wii with the help of Brighthub and our guide to the basics.

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    New Super Mario Bros Wii - Back to the Basics

    mario1 You may have thought that because New Super Mario Bros Wii is a throwback to the days of old Mario, you won't have any problems. I hate to break the news to you, but you thought wrong. While this may be a nostalgic adventure, it boasts a lot of new features and elements, so we're here to help you get up to speed with this guide to the basics of New Super Mario Bros Wii.

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    Secret Goals and What They Do

    Have you ever come across a red flag in the middle of the level and you weren't sure what to do? Well fear not and grab ahold as those red flags are secret goals. Secret goals look just like the flags at the end of the level but with a crimson shade. These goals can lead to warp cannons (yes, they're back), mushroom houses which give you bonuses, secret levels, or just helpful map shortcuts. Plus, as I talk about in our New Super Mario Bros Wii cheats guide, you need all of the secret goals to get one of the special stars.

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    Star Coins and You!

    mario2 Star coins are collectible coins that will unlock various things in New Super Mario Bros Wii. There are a total of 231 star coins in the game's 77 levels, with each level having 3 coins. Once you reach the halfway point your collected coins are saved and the same goes for once you complete the level. If you need to go back to get any coins you missed, once you find it, you must still beat the level in order for it to save.

    You don't need to physically touch a star coin to grab it. You can hit it with just about anything, like a shell or even an enemy.

    A display in the top left corner of the screen shows not only how many coins you've collected, but how they're arranged in the level. If you've found the first two coins and the right coin marker is still empty, that coin is further right than the previous two.

    Another thing I talk about more in-depth in my New Super Mario Bros Wii cheats guide is how star coins unlock levels in World 9. Getting all of the coins in a certain world will unlock a corresponding level in the ninth world.

    You can also use the coins to unlock hint movies to help you in your quest. These movies can be purchased in Princess Toadstool's Castle in World 1, and you'll need all of the coins to unlock every movie.

    Finally, each star coin can be collected with the items in the current level. You won't have to come back with some super secret item. If something looks out of your reach, it's not! That isn't to say that certain items wouldn't make getting coins much easier, though.

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    New Super Mario Bros Wii - Mario's New Moves

    Mario's sporting some fancy new moves in New Super Mario Bros Wii and you'll need to get a handle on them if you're going to make it. His most powerful new move is the spin jump, which can be performed by jumping in the air and shaking the Wii Remote. This will Mario spin around in the air, which will give him a nice little boost. You can do this at any time in the air, so if you need to pull it off just as you're about to hit the ground, you can!

    Shaking the Wii Remote while Mario's feet are planted firmly on the ground will allow him to pick up items.

    There's also oldies but goodies, such as the wall jump, ground pound, and double and triple jumps. Mario has quite the arsenal. Use it well.

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    Saving Toad

    mario4 In certain levels, you'll need to save your mushroom-capped friend, Toad, by escorting him to the end of the level. If he takes damage he'll shrink, much like Mario, but you can't allow him to die. If you get him to the end of the level you'll be rewarded with lives depending on if he took damage or not. You'll also be rewarded with a mushroom house, which I will cover in the next section.

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    Mushroom Houses in New Super Mario Bros Wii

    Mushroom houses are similar to the bonus houses in Super Mario Bros 3, in that you can play mini-games for rewards. Some houses are already there and some appear when you rescue Toad. You can read more about them in my New Super Mario Bros Wii cheats guide.

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    Wandering Enemies Return

    Another element that returns from Super Mario Bros 3 are the wandering enemies on the world map. You can avoid these guys by taking a different path or using an item from your inventory, but defeating them often gives you rewards.

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    Hitting Midway Flags in New Super Mario Bros Wii

    mario3 Midway flags mark your progress in levels so that if you die you won't have to start back at the beginning. They also save any star coins you've collected up until that point and turn regular Mario into Super Mario. Some of the later levels don't have any midway flags at all.

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    New Super Mario Bros Wii Power Ups

    The Ice Flower gives you the power to freeze enemies, which comes in all sorts of handy. Frozen enemies can be used to collect star coins, defeat other enemies, and even used as platforms.

    The Propeller Mushroom gives Mario's spin jump quite a boost. While you have it equipped, shaking the Wii Remote while Mario's in the air will cause him to jet upwards, allowing you to cross tremendous gaps.

    Penguin Mario can freeze enemies just like Ice Mario, but also has better traction on the ice, better mobility underwater, and a sliding attack.

    Mini Mario is something of a rarity, as it allows access to secret areas. Mini Mario can also run on water and perform floaty jumps.

    For more fun Mario power-up goodness, be sure to check out this article.

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    Using Yoshi in New Super Mario Bros Wii

    Nowadays, no Mario game is really complete without the lovable green dinosaur. Yoshi operates much the same as he in other games, but he's especially useful for transporting Toad, as he can carry Toad in his mouth.

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    Red Rings and Coins

    Passing through red rings will cause eight red coins to appear. Collect all of the coins before the timer runs out to get a power-up, or a 1-Up if you're fully powered.

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