Guide to Warp Cannon Locations in New Super Mario Bros Wii: World 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6

Guide to Warp Cannon Locations in New Super Mario Bros Wii: World 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6
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No Mario game would be complete without a multitude of unlockable warp cannons. New Super Mario Bros Wii is no slouch in this department, as there are several secrets for careful explorers to unlock.

Our guide will help you find them all.

World 1-3

The game’s first warp cannon entrance is located in World 1-3. You’ll make your way through the level and eventually find a ? box containing your old pal Yoshi. Make sure you don’t lose him during the level, as you’ll need his help to gain entry to the warp cannon. Shortly after the mid-level save point, you’ll come across a large floating mass in the sky with a tiny ledge just visible at the top of the screen. There are three smaller plateaus below it that you can use to reach the ledge.

If you continue into the floating mass from the ledge, you’ll discover a hidden passage, ignore it. The passage is a red herring. The real secret path is just off the top of the screen above the ledge. Jump, then press jump again to have Yoshi boost you up the extra few inches you’ll need to reach it. Alternatively, you can simply jump once then shake your controller to hop off Yoshi’s back and get a little extra height.

Walk along the top of the ledge until you pass a small dip where you become visible. Immediately past that you should enter a hidden warp pipe. The pipe leads to a hidden flag pole exit, and jumping on the flag will open up the path to the warp cannon on the world map. This cannon takes you to World 5.

World 2-6

World 2-6 Warp Cannon Entrance

The game’s second warp cannon entrance is unlocked within world 2-6. You’ll have several chances to pick up a helicopter hat during this high-flying level, and that’s good because you’ll need one to reach the level’s secret exit.

The upside-down warp pipe you’re looking for is located just after the level’s eight red coins. You’ll see a set of ten invisible coins above several more dancing back and forth. Immediately above and to the right of the amazing reappearing coins is an upside-down red warp pipe. Use your helicopter hat to fly up and enter it. If you get to the end of the rotating pink block’s path, you’ve gone too far.

Once you emerge from the pipe, you’re just a couple of carefully-timed jumps away from unlocking the secret path on the world map. When the level ends, a couple of extra mushroom platforms will appear on the map to help you reach the cannon.

The cannon takes you to World 5.

World 3-Haunted Mansion

World 3-Haunted Mansion Warp Cannon Entrance

New Super Mario Bros Wii’s third warp cannon is located in the Haunted Mansion of World 3. In the mansion’s first room, make your way to the far right and take the door that’s hidden inside the invisible wall. Just keep running right until you find it.

In the next room, make your way up the Donkey Kong Jr.-esque series of poles and go through the door at the top. In the next room, make your way along the rope at the top of the screen until you find a couple of moving yellow platforms below. Drop onto one of the platforms, then onto the stationary box-like platform below. You should fall through and discover another hidden door. Enter it.

The next part is a little tricky. Do your best to avoid the ever-encroaching boos until the platform you’re riding reaches the bottom floor. Go through the door you find there. Outside you’ll find a flag pole. Jump on it and find the path to the warp cannon opening up on the world map.

This cannon takes you to World 6.

World 4-Mid-Level Castle

World 4-Midworld Castle Warp Cannon Entrance

The fourth warp cannon entrance is found in the mid-level castle of World 4. Make your way through the first room filled with moving treadmills and large grey blocks and enter the pipe at the top. In the next room, blocks will begin to fall from conveyor belts above you, stacking up and requiring some careful jumping to avoid. Wait for the first two blocks to fall, jump on top of the second and run into a hidden passage in the wall containing a warp pipe.

Outside you’ll traverse a couple more conveyor belts before jumping on the hidden flag and opening up the path to the warp cannon.

This cannon takes you to World 6.

World 5-Haunted Mansion

Go Left Here-World 5 Warp Cannon Entrance

The warp cannon in World 5 is, like its World 3 counterpart, located in the world’s Haunted Mansion level. The mansion’s first room has many exits, so make your way to the one at the far bottom right of the room. Don’t take it, however. The exit you’re looking for is actually through a hidden wall to the left.

Go through the hidden door and you’ll emerge in a room with several spotlights and moving, lighted platforms. Make your way to the door at the far right, carefully avoiding the Boos and pitfalls along the way.

Outside you’ll find a flagpole protected by a rotating circle of Boos. Time your jump carefully and grab the flag.

Out on the world map, a new path will open up.

This cannon takes you to World 8.

World 6-6

World 6 Warp Cannon Entrance Pipe

The warp cannon in World 6 is found in the sparsely-illuminated cave level 6-6. You’ll begin a raft ride shortly after reaching the level’s midway goal. Carefully avoid the incoming bats until you see a blue P Switch and a series of coins. At the end of the coin string you should see a helicopter block up on a ledge. Grabbing it can make reaching the secret exit a little easier, but isn’t totally necessary. You will soon come across two fire-breathing hammer brothers sending glowing balls of death in your direction. Jump off the raft onto the platform just in front of them.

You should see a red upside-down warp pipe. Jump into it. Make your way carefully through the following cave, avoiding the bats swooping down from the ceiling. Carry the glowing block if you feel the need for more illumination. At the end of the cave is another upside-down red pipe. Enter it.

Outside you’ll find the flag you’ve been searching for. Claim it to open up the path to the warp cannon.

This cannon takes you to World 8.

New Super Mario Bros Wii is arguably the best Nintendo Wii game to date. Here’s hoping our guide makes your quest to once again retrieve the princess from Bowser just a little easier.


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