Super Mario Galaxy 2 "Saddle Up With Yoshi" Level Guide and Walkthrough

Super Mario Galaxy 2 "Saddle Up With Yoshi" Level Guide and Walkthrough
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“Saddle Up With Yoshi”

The time has come to team up with Mario’s old pal Yoshi, but first, you’ll have to free him from an egg. The “Saddle Up With Yoshi” mission is the first in the Yoshi Star Galaxy.

Once you land, you’ll notice a short climb ahead of you. Head up the hill, avoiding the Piranha Plants and spiny vegetation, and take on a Magikoopa who has imprisoned Yoshi behind a magical shield. He’ll shoot Goombas at you, so avoid them and jump on his head or hit him with a spin move to take him out. Once you do, the shield around Yoshi disappears.

Saddle Up

Use a spin move to free Yoshi from his egg, then hop on board to continue. Yoshi’s flutter jump and signature tongue come in very handy, and he’s also not slowed down by mud the way Mario is.

Head up the nearby path marked with several pink fruits, then take out the enemies you find on your way to the transporter. Quickly take out all of the Paragoombas to earn three extra lives. You’ll automatically transport back when time expires, so work quickly.

Head up to the giant sparkling fruit to continue. Grab it with Yoshi’s tongue them pull back on the analog stick to pull the fruit free, revealing a launch star. Use it to continue.

Roll the Dice


The next small planetoid has a large die on it that, when hit, rolls to determine whether you’ll receive a reward or an enemy will spawn. Afterward, keep breaking the crystals you find until another launch star appears. Use it to keep going.

Once you land, keep following the path around the planetoid and jumping onto nearby platforms when appropriate. You can use the tongue grab and pull technique to remove any spiky or carnivorous vegetation that grows in your path. Use Yoshi’s flutter jump to reach any platforms that seem just out of reach. Atop the tower, three Paragoombas await. Take them out, then move to the ledge with the coin on it to get within range of the nearby flower.

Flower Power

Flutter Jump with Yoshi

Use Yoshi’s tongue to grab the nearby flower and swing over to a nearby planetoid where you’ll find another launch star. Hop in and keep going.

The next area has a combination of flowers for swinging and platforms that you’ll need to pull out to keep going. To pull a platform, grab the handle with Yoshi’s tongue and pull backward on the analog stick. Move quickly, as they only stay extended for a short period of time. The spiders you encounter can be stunned with Yoshi’s tongue and then kicked from their webs.

Keep going, using the flowers and platforms to progress. Pull out the timed platform to reach the 1up mushroom you see, then use the series of flowers in order to reach the star trapped in crystal. Spin to free him, use the flowers to swing up and grab him to complete the level.