Super Mario Galaxy 2 "Peewee Piranha's Temper Tantrum" Level Guide and Walkthrough

Super Mario Galaxy 2 "Peewee Piranha's Temper Tantrum" Level Guide and Walkthrough
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After the game’s tutorial, you are promptly thrust into your first Mario Galaxy 2 level, “Peewee Pirhana’s Temper Tantrum.”

Click on the empty star that appears after you finish the tutorial to get started.

Peewee Piranha’s Temper Tantrum

Mario lands roughly on a small planetoid. A nearby Luma mentions that Bowser has stolen their power stars, and Mario should retrieve them on his quest to find Bowser. This pretty much sums up the plot of the game.

This small planet appears to be the home of Mario’s old pal Yoshi, but a sign by the door advises visitors to head around back. Watch out for the nearby Goombas (you can take them out by stomping on them or shooting them with a star bit then finishing them off with a kick), and go around the house to the set of warp pipes. Head down the red pipe first to pick up an extra life, then go back through and use the green one.

On the other side of the planet, a video screen details how to use the spin move to take out enemies. Watch it, then use your new-found power to take out the local Goombas. You’ll find some star bits inside a ? box, but your real destination is at the top of the little hill. Break the giant crystal to free the Luma, then jump into the hole.

You’ll fall all the way through and onto the roof of Yoshi’s house. There you’ll find another sign advertising that he’s not home, and a Luma who wants your attention. The Luma transforms into a launch star, and you can use it to head to the next area.

Disappearing Platforms and Extra Lives

Extra Life Mushroom

You’ll land on a small square piece of grass, with an angry Octoomba guarding the far side. Avoid any rocks he shoots and deal with him like you would a Goomba. The helpful Luma urges you to follow it, and you’ll have to avoid more Octoombas and do some careful jumping to do so.

The yellow platforms appear, lift, then disappear, so you’ll have to carefully time your jump to catch one, then jump off as it begins to flash blue. Use these tricky platforms to keep following the Luma through the level.

Tag the flag you come across, then grab the giant coin and all of the music notes to earn three extra lives. Around the backside of the platform where you finished your note run is a teleporter. Hop on it and shake your Wii Remote to teleport to a separate section of the level where you’ll be surrounded by Octoombas. Grab the star to transform into Rainbow Mario, then take out all the bad guys to earn three more lives. You’ll automatically teleport back.

Back in the level, climb up and take the series of yellow platforms to the top of the pillar, then use the launch star to head to the next area.

Power Up


A small green planetoid is your landing zone. Look for a yellow star above the planetoid, then use Mario’s crouch jump move to hit it, and shake your Wii Remote to trigger another giant coin, which rains regular coins down upon you. Jump to the grey planetoid and use the small launch star there to get to a brown planet that’s a bit larger. Use the launch star above it to continue once more.

Your next stop is a rotating planetoid filled with black holes. Do not fall off here, as you’ll get sucked in and die. Avoid the Goombas and Octogoombas as you make your way across. The mud pits will slow you down, so be careful. On the other side you’ll find a Luma, follow him until he turns into yet another launch star, and use it to keep going.

The next planetoid has a star mushroom, which you should pick up to increase your maximum health. Head around the edge of the planet and use the launch star to get to the final part of the level.

Battle With Peewee Piranha

Peewee is a smaller version of this guy

You’ll land on Peewee’s egg, making him understandably upset. He’ll charge at you, but you should have little problem sidestepping and using your spin move to smack him on the bottom. After you’ve done this three times, he’ll go on a rampage around the planet. Stay out of his way.

Once the initial tantrum is over, his egg will return and he’ll attack anew, if a bit faster. Sidestep him again, and keep attacking his bottom until he’s defeated.

Your reward is a star, and your first Mario Galaxy 2 level is complete. Afterward, you’ll return to the Luma’s spaceship, which they will promptly remake in Mario’s image and rechristen Spaceship Mario. You are now free to take the controls and explore the galaxy at will.