Super Mario Galaxy

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    • Super Mario Galaxy 2 Walkthrough: "Peewee Piranha's Temper Tantrum"
      The first full level of Super Mario Galaxy 2 begins just after the end of the introductory level, "The Great Space Journey Begins." Mario will make his way from planetoid to planetoid, taking out several groups of enemies before the big showdown with Peewee Piranha.
    • Super Mario Galaxy Review
      Should you go back and play Super Mario Galaxy if you never got the chance to before playing its sequel? Check out our post-Galaxy 2 review of the first game to see whether or not you should play Mario's first trip into space on the Wii.
    • Super Mario Galaxy 2 Walkthrough: "Saddle Up With Yoshi"
      One of the new additions to Super Mario Galaxy 2 is Mario's old pal Yoshi. You'll free him for the first time in this mission, and use his unique talents to rescue a power star. Afterwards, you'll be able to use Yoshi whenever you like aboard Space Ship Mario.
    • Super Mario Galaxy 2 Walkthrough: "The Great Space Journey Begins"
      Mario's first task in Super Mario Galaxy 2 is to navigate the introduction. Once again the princess is abducted by Bowser, but this time he's become gigantic and Mario actually has come control over the introduction. Find out more in our full walkthrough.
    • Super Mario Galaxy 2 Walkthrough: "Storming the Sky Fleet"
      The "Storming the Sky Fleet" level marks Mario's first return to the Sky Station Galaxy after "Peewee Piranha's Temper Tantrum." The big plant is gone, but he's been replaced by a whole regiment of Bullet Bills and some tricky jumps.
    • Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Nintendo Wii Review
      Super Mario Galaxy 2 is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best platformers ever created, even despite its rather young life. And it is arguably the greatest 3D platformer of this or any other generation thanks to the sheer amount of depth in its gameplay.
    • Super Mario Galaxy Review
      Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii has been called one of the best games on the system, a must-own title, and one of the top platformers of all time. Does it live up to the hype?
    • Super Mario Galaxy: Obtaining the Most Difficult Stars (Wii)
      Having trouble getting through some of the tougher areas in Mario Galaxy? These tips will help you through manta races, volcanic daredevil runs and more. Don't leave home without them.