Super Mario Galaxy Walkthrough - How to Obtain the Most Difficult Stars

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Super Mario Galaxy: Obtaining the Most Difficult Stars

In case you’re a video game novice or merely haven’t been paying much attention to the industry in recent years, Super Mario Galaxy is Nintendo’s latest entry in their Super Mario Bros. franchise. This is the franchise that not only began one of the largest gaming revolutions the world has ever seen, but has consistently been featured as the flagship title on almost every one of Nintendo’s consoles since the 80’s. Critically acclaimed, and released on Nintendo’s Wii system in November of 2007 (in the United States), Super Mario Galaxy is considered by some to be not only a return to form for the series after a lengthy absence, but one of the greatest video games of all time. The focus of this article will be how to overcome some of Galaxy’s most demanding challenges.

As you may know, you play as Mario in a quest to hunt down “grand stars” in order to restore power to the mysterious Rosalina’s floating space station. In addition to the grand stars, your main mission in every level is to find and collect smaller stars, which eventually add up to 120 (much like another flagship Mario title, Super Mario 64). While it is relatively easy to obtain the measly 60 stars required to defeat Bowser and have the credits roll, any true fan will tell you that getting a hold of all 120 stars is the only real way to experience the game.

First, I’ll detail some tips on the occasional manta-ray races that Mario will have to endure throughout the game. These can be extremely problematic – especially the final course in the Loopdeswoop Galaxy (one of the Trial Galaxies). The trick is to take your time and not go too fast. You shouldn’t be holding down the A button the entire time, because you will most likely gain too much speed and go flying off an edge or corner. Take it slow, and don’t forget to keep your eye on the end of the curve or the landing point of the jump you’re going off of. There is a particularly massive jump in the annals of the Loopdeswoop Galaxy, but it shouldn’t pose a problem if you catch plenty of air and keep your handling steady. The star is yours to keep if you finish this course within three minutes.

Next, let’s discuss the star that I personally found one of the most difficult in the game - the Lava Spire Daredevil Run in the Melty Molten Galaxy. While you may not have found the Lava Spire mission particularly difficult in the first place, you now have to complete it without getting hit once. The key concept to remember here is patience. You can’t go blasting through the course carelessly like you may have done the first time, since one slip-up will leave you hurling your Wii remote at the wall in frustration. One good thing to remember here is that Mario has some useful maneuvers. You may find both his back flip (crouch using Z, then jump with A) and his running jump (while running, hold Z to slide and then quickly tap A) extremely helpful. The back flip will help you more precisely measure some jumping distances, and the running jump will allow you to cover long distances quickly. Don’t forget about the geysers near the first part of the course, or the precision required for the all-too-minuscule platforms near the volcano. Take your time, go slowly and you should eventually make your way to your prize.

Finally, let’s talk about the star that not too many players know about. After getting all 120 stars and subsequently beating the game with Mario, you will have unlocked Luigi. Go through the exact same process with Luigi now (yes, that means going through the entire game again and getting another 120 stars), and then head to the Trial Galaxies planet. On the other side of the red pipe, you will see a newly born Luma. This Luma will take you to the Grand Finale Galaxy, where you can enjoy one last run for purple coins. Enjoy this final piece of gameplay and congratulate yourself on unleashing everything that Mario Galaxy has to offer.