Super Mario Galaxy 2 "The Great Space Journey Begins" Level Walkthrough and Guide

Super Mario Galaxy 2 "The Great Space Journey Begins" Level Walkthrough and Guide
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The introduction of Super Mario Galaxy 2 is far more interactive than that of previous Mario titles. Instead of watching some boring cutsene where Bowser absconds with the princess, you’ll instead get to play as Mario as he makes his way through a shower of star bits to the castle where an enormous Bowser is laying siege.

This interactive tutorial introduces you to Mario’s basic movements, like jumping, spinning, and making use of the launch stars you’ll find scattered throughout the game. Mario Galaxy 2 is clearly a game designed to be played by those who have already made their way through the first Mario Galaxy, but this short level is an excellent way to introduce those who may be new to the series without alienating veteran players.

“The Great Space Journey Begins”

Once you set up your save file and choose your Mii for your Super Mario Galaxy 2 save, your first level is “The Great Space Journey Begins.” You’ll have to read through several pages of text detailing the game’s storyline before being given control in a side-scrolling storybook.

Move forward, picking up some of the falling star bits as you go. Move past the edge on the far right to progress to the next page.

Here, Mario comes across a fallen Luma, who then takes up residence under Mario’s hat. Once he’s on board, you’ll take control once again. Keep heading to the right.

You can use the spin move by shaking the Wii Remote. This move will shatter any nearby crystals containing star bits. Keep heading right and move past the edge of the page to continue.

Outside Peach’s castle, you’ll free another Luma from his crystalline prison, then head inside the castle.

Peach’s Castle


Inside, something is definitely amiss. A Luma falls in front of you and you’ll need to free him. Once you do, Bowser’s familiar theme begins to play. Keep heading down the hill and you’ll see that a gigantic Bowser is once again attacking the castle. Once you reach the bottom, he’ll taunt Mario, then leave with the princess.

Once he’s gone, one of the Luma’s atop the hill calls out to Mario. Head over to him, breaking any crystals you find along the way.

At the castle gate, two Lumas tell Mario that he needs to pursue bowser, then the Luma under his hat reveals itself. The Lumas agree to help Mario get the princess back, and the one under his cap decides to remain with Mario and assist him. One of the two at the gate transforms into a launch star, and you’ll need to run up to it and shake your Wii Remote to take off for your first level, “Peewee Pirhana’s Temper Tantrum.”