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    • Why There Needs to be a True Blood Video Game
      Having withdrawals from “True Blood"? Want to play a game that is based on the hit HBO series? Unfortunately, there is no such game (yet). However, there are a few options that you can play until the new season is aired.
    • Why There Should be a Video Game Based on the Twilight Series
      If you love the Twilight Saga and have been dying to play a game based on the series, you have a few options. There are board games available, Scene It? games for each movie and even a clever way to make your own town of Forks in “The Sims 3." Find out more in this article!
    • The Best iPhone Vampire Games
      Some vampire games use Nobility Points, some require you to study up on Buffy, and some make you attack in open warfare. Here is a guide to the best iPhone vampire games available.
    • Growing Your Vampire Wars Clan to the Max
      Find out how to get 500 clan members for Vampire Wars and increase your odds of successful game-play with this Facebook favorite. There are a number of methods to choose and depending on the player’s temperament and willingness to become a ‘joiner,’ different strategies apply.
    • Facebook Vampire Wars: Intermediate and Advanced Player Guide to Missions and Strategy
      Avid players of Vampire Wars know that going up against higher-ranking gamers is a bit of a mixed bag. With the help of a Vampire Wars strategy guide, the player has a good chance of learning how to allocate stats, what to expect from missions and how to make the most of the gaming action.
    • Beginning Player's Guide to Facebook's Vampire Wars
      The Vampire Wars tutorial takes the beginning player through one of Facebook’s top-rated games. Vampire Wars is an enjoyable challenge that combines social networking with solid strategy. Do you have a penchant for war games with a twist?
    • Facebooks' Vampire Wars: Guide to Fledgling Missions
      Are you a fledgling vampire that has just recently been bit in Vampire Wars? This Guide to Fledgling Missions will help you understand all the missions, what you need to master them, and what you get when you complete each one.
    • Facebooks' BiteFight: Review and Tips for getting started
      Can't get enough of those addictive Facebook games? Well here is another one that will have you lusting for blood as a vampire or a werewolf! BiteFight is the MMO developed by Gameforge that you can play on Facebook- start a clan with your friends and start your reign tonight!
    • Facebook Vampire Wars Common Strategy Misunderstandings
      Are you looking for information on a good Vampire Wars strategy? Here we will explore the different strategies you can use.
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