Guide to the Adept Missions in Vampire Wars

Guide to the Adept Missions in Vampire Wars
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Vampire Wars Adept Missions

The adept missions in Vampire Wars are just one step below the Savant missions- which means you are becoming a seriously wicked vampire by now.

Adept missions often earn you more experience points, but take much longer to master each one. You will find that there are new abilities that you must learn, if you haven’t done so already. Like the fledgling and neophyte missions, you can automatically choose to learn abilities at the time you attempt the mission.

You may also need to seek out friends on Facebook that you can bite and transform into a creature of the night, like yourself, and join your clan- some of the missions require a certain amount of clan mates.

Before you get started on your quest to complete the missions, go over the details here- find out what you need to complete the missions and what you will earn when you do.

The missions

1. Challenge a Haitian Voodoo Gang

Wolf form

  • Experience: 6
  • Bonus: Rumored Rare Ability
  • Payout: 8,800- 13,200 blood
  • Energy Required: 6
  • Ability/Item Required: 1 wolf form, 8 fast healing, 20 fangs

2. Fight a Pack of Werewolves

  • Experience: 14
  • Bonus: Mission item
  • Payout: 48,000- 72,000 blood
  • Energy Required: 10
  • Ability/Item Required: 1 wolfsbane

3. Retrieve a lost Relic From the High Desert

  • Experience: 8
  • Bonus: Rumored Rare Ability, Mission item
  • Payout: 28,00 to 42,000 blood
  • Energy Required: 7
  • Ability/Item Required: 1 horrific transformation, 2 gliding

4. Fight Another Vampire For Mental Dominance

Adept missions

  • Experience: 10
  • Bonus: Rumored Rare Ability
  • Payout : 36,000 to 54,000 blood
  • Energy Required: 8
  • Abilty/Item Required: 1 garlic clove

5, Take Control of a Neighborhood

  • Experience: 19
  • Payout: 100,000 to 400,000 blood
  • Energy Required: 14
  • Abiltity/Item Required: 1 grave dirt

6. Save a Vampire from Hunters

  • Experience: 15
  • Bonus: Rumored Rare Ability
  • Payout: 64,000 to 96,000 blood
  • Energy Required: 10
  • Ability/Item Required: 1 mist form, 2 horrific transformation

7. Clear a Laboratory of Hideous Mutants


  • Experience: 18
  • Bonus: Rumored Rare Ability, Mission item
  • Payout: 108,000, 162,000
  • Energy Required: 13
  • Ability/Item Required: 5 wolf form, 5 gliding


Vampire Wars games

Now that you have earned the status of an Adept Vampire, you are truly becoming a force to reckon with in Vampire Wars. As the name of the game suggests, a war is waging between night stalkers who want to make their claim as rulers of the largest territory.

To give yourself, and your clan, that extra edge be sure to keep learning new abilities, mastering the ones you know, and gathering more minions to your service. Also bear in mind that you may receive extra experience points and blood when you request help from your clanmates. The more mates that respond to your request, the better the payout.

As you climb the ranks in your unlife as a vampire, you will also become the target of more attacks by envious rivals attempting to stop you right in your tracks. If you see that you’ve become someone’s regular victim, add them to your hitlist, bide your time, build up your skills, abilities and minions and then take them out when they least expect it. To be a terrifying immortal doesn’t just mean immense power and beauty- it also means you can be truly cunning, and catch all your foes off-guard.

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