Review and Tips for Facebooks' FightBite

Review and Tips for Facebooks' FightBite
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BiteFight on Facebook

BiteFight was developed by Gameforge and is a free MMO that can now be played on Facebook. Gamers across the globe can go against other players in combat as a werewolf or a vampire. In BiteFight you get to live as a creature of the night and will build up your own hideout and clan fortress, go to the City to shop for weapons and armour, or go to work at the graveyard to earn gold. But watch out- you never know when another blood-thirsty monster will be hiding in the shadows waiting to attack you so they can get all the blood!

*You will need a Facebook account to play BiteFight (see the resources section below). Then you download the game from Facebooks' applications page- you can search for it under “BiteFight”.

Create Your Avatar and Begin Training Immediately! (3 out of 5)

After you have joined the dark world of the undead, monsters and beasts and become a vampire or werewolf then you can choose to be a male or female for free, but any other alterations to your character will cost you “hellstones” that can be purchased with real money from the Voodoo Shop in the City. Or you can choose to use your Facebook profile picture. The appearance options are limited even when you pay, so it’s really not worth it.

Now that you have your character’s name and look, you should begin training immediately. You have to pay in gold to train and you will automatically start off with 50 gold. Go to the “overveiw” page and scroll down to the “skills” section on the left side. Use enough gold to train up at least a few levels in each skill: strength, defence, dexterity, endurance and charisma.

Tip: Now visit the City and go to the Grotto to try and earn some more gold by battling a daemon. Chances are you will come out on top in your first fight and get gold and experience so that you can stop by the merchant to buy some weapons.

The City (5 out of 5)

BiteFight’s City

In the City you can do tons of things such as go on quests, work, and shop and trade for weapons and other items. The City has the following places that you can visit:

  • Voodoo Shop
  • Library
  • Tavern
  • Merchant
  • House of Pain
  • Church
  • Graveyard
  • GrottoArticle Image
  • Marketplace

As I mentioned in the above section, if you go to the grotto first and take on a daemon you may win a decent amount of gold with which you can buy some weapons and armour. Fighting a daemon costs you action points as well. You have twenty actions points to use before they will need to be recharged over time, and can choose two, four or six action points to use at a time. Your vitality will probably go down, so pay attention to that- you can’t fight once your vitality is below 25.

If you do not win the match against the daemon then go to the graveyard and pick up a shift for some gold. You select to work between 1 and 8 hours and your character must spend that literal time at the graveyard. Your hourly wage will go up as you level-up.

The City continued (5 out of 5)

You should collect enough gold to buy some weapons and armour from the merchant. My advice after you leave the merchant’s shop is to go and train some more. If you need more gold than you can work at the graveyard some more or take your chances hunting a daemon again.

Tip: You tend to capture more gold when fighting daemons rather than hunting.

Tip: Buying weapons and armour, etc. is a great way to beef up your strenth and defence quickly. You gain several skill levels by equipping yourself with armour, whereas with training you only go up one level at a time and you will quickly be spending thousands in gold just to go up one level and can find a weapon for about the same price (i.e. I recently bought a helmet for 1,498 gold and it increased my defense by 12 levels whereas it will cost me 1024 gold to train and go up one level.)

Now you should be ready to take on some other players by going to the “hunt” page.

Hunting and Clans (4 out of 5)

Hunt other Facebookers

Hunting will cost you two action points and you can choose to go on a manhunt or take on one of your rival werewolves (or vampire if you are a werewolf). You will need to have at least four clan members first when you hunt in clans. Hunting can earn you gold (you share the gold you win in clan battles amongst your clanmates) and experience. But when you start biting other players they tend to get mad, so watch your back- you may start a war!

Tip: Invite your Facebook friends to start a clan with you. You can name your clan and quickly become a force to be reckoned with in numbers. Your clan will share a fortress that you can build up with gold for more protection. Your clan also shares gold that is meant for clan activities and any clan member can make a gold deposit at any time.

After you’ve done some hunting, you may want to pick up a shift at the graveyard to earn some gold. Then it is time to begin building up your personal hideout.

Hideout (4 out of 5)

Your personal hideout

Your hideout is your personal sanctuary from your enemies and the more you build it up the better protected you will be. Just as in training, the price to build your hideout to the next level increases each time. Your hideout consists of a domicile, a wall, a way, and the environment around your land.

Tip: You may also purchase the Book of the Damned, a treasure chest, and a guardian-gargoyle with hellstones (real-world money) which will increase your strength and defense even more.

Final Judgement on Facebooks' BiteFight (4 out of 5)

BiteFight deserves a rating of four out of five for falling under the following categories:

  • Facebook game
  • Free online game
  • Browser-based
  • Text-based

Progress can be slow in BiteFight, but it’s a great game to play on one internet browser screen while surfing the net on another (during your work shifts at the graveyard). It’s also the perfect game for beginning gamers or for people with Mac’s and slower computers.

  • To begin playing BiteFight on Facebook, create your free Facebook account by clicking here (if you don’t have one) and then search the applications page for BiteFight to download to app and begin your hunt for blood, gold and un-dead glory!
  • To find out more about playing BiteFight on the main game website, click here.