Review of Facebooks' Vampire Wars: A Free MMO

Review of Facebooks' Vampire Wars: A Free MMO
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Vampire Frenzy

Vampire Wars has entered entered the online realm of Facebook for gamers worldwide, and is much like other platform based games made by Zynga on Facebook such as Realm of Empires and Mafia Wars. It’s easy to theorize with the the hysteria surrounding everything vampires (i.e. Twilight, True Blood, and the upcoming television show Vampire Diaries) that the demand is there for vampire-themed games such as Vampire Wars. Needless to say, many gamers already had an affinity for vampires before the recent blood-thirsty, pop-culture frenzy over them began, so a free vampire MMO is always a plus for new and old stalkers of the night alike.

Zynga’s Vampire Wars

Getting Started

If you don’t already have a Facebook account it is very easy to set up. Go to the Facebook homepage and follow the quick and simple steps to set up your account. Then you can perform a search on their applications page to find the game. Select to download the application and afterwards you will be directed you to your character creation process.

You will create your vampire character by answering questions based on your knowledge and concept of what it means to be a vampire, vampire lore, legends and myths. It’s a fun way to make a character but keep in mind that the answers you provide will determine such factors about your vampire nature such as whether or not you choose to feed on humans or synthetic blood. Or whether you are an animalistic and keen hunter, ready and willing to prey upon innocent victims after one scent of sweet, fresh human blood fills the air. You choose where the fates of mortals lie in Vampire Wars.

Once you have created your vampire avatar you are ready to begin the game. You can access the basics of gameplay anytime by visiting the “help” page for Vampire Wars during your game. Before you seek to attain your life force- blood (also the currency in Vampire Wars), you may want to take some time to browse around the site and check out the features. For example, the “coffin” page is essentially the home page for the game and also serves as a message board for you and your vampire clan. It is on the “coffin” page that you can learn whether or not another vampire or vampire clan attempted to attack you while you were resting (not in gameplay). The “missions” and “combat” pages are where all the action is, but visit the “missions” page first to build up some experience, learn some skills and level up before initiating a battle between a rival clan (which you do on the “combat” page). It is also advised that you join or create a vampire clan since clans are a key element to your success and are necessary to complete many missions. Plus your clan will have your back when rival clan members attack you!

Vampire Stats

Some Basics For Vampire Wars

Some Basics For Vampire Wars

  • Blood- what you feed and what sustains you. Also the form of currency in Vampire Wars. You will earn blood as you finish missions and win battles, and you will also pay for various things with blood.
  • Blood Bank- store your blood in the blood bank to ensure rival clan members don’t steal it from you while you are sleeping (not in gameplay) or win it from you in battle.
  • Skill Ranking- indicates how many fights you’ve won.
  • Favor Points- earned through completion of missions and successful combat. They are used to purchase skills, clan members, abilities and more from the Elders.
  • Elders- vampires (in-game) who can grant abilities, etc. and award you for leveling up. The Elders sell additional energy, blood, rage and health whenever you need it.
  • Experience- gain more experience and become the most powerful vampire! Complete missions and combat to level up.
  • Energy- certain amounts are required to complete missions and engage in combat.
  • Rage- determines how often you are able to engage in combat. When you fight it will cost you one rage point.
  • Health- although you cannot really die as a vampire you will lose six experience points if your health reaches zero. Your health determines how much damage you can take.

Fledgling Missions

Clans (5 out of 5)

Being a part of a vampire clan is pretty much required when playing Vampire Wars- after all, it is an MMO and you can only get so far without the assistance of fellow bloodsuckers. You can create a clan and invite your Facebook friends to join or you can easily find a clan who will gladly welcome you on the Vampire Wars Official forum. There is an “add me” thread in the forum. You can also purchase extra clan members in exchange for favor points by visiting the Elders. As in other Facebook games you can call on the help of your clan mates at anytime and will receive extra blood and experience if they respond.

Key Points of Vampire Clans

  • Clans are a major factor to your success as a wicked vampire that other bloodsuckers won’t want to mess with, so find a coven ASAP!
  • Clan members can assist you in missions and combat.
  • You receive bonuses for getting your clan mates to come to you aid.

Vampire Clans

Missions (3 out of 5)

As a fledgling vampire your successful completion of missions will earn you the necessary experience to be on your way to vampire domination. Each of the missions that you can choose to do lists what amount of energy is required from you to be able to complete the mission and whether or not you will need the help of clan members. If you meet the necessary requirements you will gain experience upon completion. The mission’s details will also inform you of what potential rewards you will reap by finishing it. It is a very simple layout- all you have to do is click on the “do mission” button. Like many Facebook games the missions really aren’t very challenging but they will help you to level up. As you gain more experience with different missions you eventually reach mission mastery for that particular mission. By finishing all the missions of a tier you will earn a trophy and a new title and you will be on your way to becoming one of the most feared vampires in the world of the undead.

Missions- continued

You can also engage in battle by scrolling down to the bottom of the missions list and opt to fight another monstrous creature and earn various skills and experience. These fights are also a click away but often require skills you may need to learn first. You can learn these skills in exchange for blood. The battle works much like an online card game- you click the “fight” button and are dealt the outcome.

Key Points of Missions

  • Earns you blood, experience and abilities.
  • Costs you energy and may require the assistance of clan members or certain skills that can be learned.
  • Will help you to level up.
  • Allows you to master certain skills and abilities.

Become a Lethal Vampire!

Combat (5 out of 5)

Take out a rival clan by engaging in combat. Go to the “combat” page to view who you can attack- you will see the vampire stats of those who are near your level and ability. FIghting another vampire is one the quickest ways to level up and make a name for yourself amongst your kindred.

You can view the stats of the vampires you may attack and you have three attack options:

  • Attack- start a full-on dispute between a rival clan.
  • Bite- use this to inflict a small amount a damage to another vampire; they cannot attack back when you simply bite them, but beware, you’ve probably ticked them off.
  • Add to hit list- add them to a hit list of your most wanted.

You will either gain blood or lose it after a battle with another vampire. Keep in mind that they cannot take blood you have stored in your blood bank. Check out who attacks you while you are rest in your coffin by visiting the “coffin” page.

Key Points of Combat

  • Engaging in combat is the best way to level up quickly and gain experience and blood.
  • Store your blood to keep it safe from theft and to limit your blood loss in battle.
  • Your Skill Rank tells you how many fights you’ve won so flaunt it proudly.
  • Get help from fellow clan mates to lower the damage you’re dealt and to swiftly smash the opposition.

Creatures of the Night

Gameplay (4 out of 5)

Vampire Wars is a fun game to get involved in- especially if you have a fascination with the undead. You can become a powerful and devastating vampire and unleash your fury upon your foes. It is a simple game and is in no way complex, so challenge wise you won’t find much. But it is a free MMO and a Facebook application at that- so that being said Vampire Wars is great if you’d like a light and casual MMO to get into. It’s perfect for beginning gamers and hardcore gamers when they want to play something but don’t have the time to get involved in games that require the intensity and commitment that ones such as WoW does. In terms of simplicity it is great game for younger players too; aside from its occult theme, there are no visuals of real gore, bloodshed or violence- although it is clearly suggested since combat and obtaining blood are a major focus of gameplay. (So for parents, just keep in mind that is a vampire MMO and that the faint of heart may find the game’s imagery somewhat disturbing and it might not be appropriate for some kids.)

Now get your fangs ready and begin your quest of blood lust, immortality and vampire domination!

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