Vampires Live: Bonuses for Other Storm8 Games

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Storm8 uses each of their games as a way of promoting their other games, attempting to transfer playership over. In this way, they have more platforms to sell points and increase the possibility of an extended profit from their free iPhone franchises. This comes through even in terms of updates that will end up affecting all games in this series. When you install Vampires Live, or even really the right kind of Vampires Live update, you will end up gaining a host of different items and benefits in other Storm8 free iPhone games.


The first game that Vampires Live addresses is iMobsters, an often-overlooked mafia themed text based iPhone RPG from Storm8. Here you will get a Glock 17 automatically installed to your iMobsters account when you install Vampires Live.

Zombies Live

One of the newer games from Storm8 is Zombies Live, which has maintained a presence on the top download list. If you install Vampires Live you will get a Creep in your Zombies Live account.

Rockstars Live

Out of respect for the King of Pop’s death, Rockstars Live has included a themed item. If you install Vampires Live into your iPhone you will automatically get Michael Jackson’s glove in Rockstars Live.

World War

World War is another game from Storm8 that is affected when you download Vampires Live. This time you will get an AMX-30 Defense Tank in World War once you have finished the Vampires Live installation process.

World War

If you are still one of the fabled players of Kingdoms Live there is something in it for you as well. You will end up getting the Maul in your Kingdoms Live account after downloading Vampires Live.

Racing Live

Lastly, the continuously popular Racing Live will get a boost when you download Vampires Live. This time you will find a Cadillac CTS in your iPhone garage.

Vampires Live

If you are planning on playing any of these Storm8 games then it is best to combine it with Vampires Live. On top of this, you will find that Vampires Live continuously is offered updates and includes a Clan Code system and Loyalty Points. This continues to make Vampires Live one of the better Storm8 games available.

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