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Becoming an m:Vampire

Moblyng Games has finally extended their MMO text-based iPhone cannon by including a tired vampire theme on the same format that m:Mafia used. m:Vampire takes many of both the staples of the MMO text-based iPhone genre as well as many of the nice additions that Moblyng Games introduced with m:Mafia, like connecting to your Facebook account. One element that m:Vampire brings back that keeps it in common with all of the other MMO text-based iPhone RPGs is the use of cheat codes, called m:Vampires gems.

m:Vampires Gems

When you are at the main m:Vampires Menu select The Elders in the right hand column, directly under Fight and above Coven. Here is the location where you spend your m:Vampires gems on different elements. At the top, under a basic bit of exposition explaining the m:Vampires gems system, you will see how many m:Vampires gems you have. Below that you are going o see a series of different options for spending your m:Vampires gems. These include recharging your health, stamina, and strength points. You can also increase your Coven Size by two for ten gems or change your name or avatar for twenty gems.

]If you are full on some of your points, such as health or stamina, you will not have the option of spending your m:Vampires gems on them. When you first start out in m:Vampires you will have twenty-five free gems, and you should keep aware of any time there are free gems made available.

m:Vampires Tips

You have to use your m:Vampires gems in only the most pointed places that you need at the time. m:Vampires utilizes a multifaceted form of adding friends with a m:Vampires Player ID so you may not want to waste your m:Vampires gems on it unless you are having a lot of trouble. Sending out your m:Vampires Player ID is usually a fairly simple process and getting other m:Vampires Player IDs.

If you cannot see huge increases with just using your Player ID and Facebook account within the first two weeks do not use your m:Vampires gems on building your Coven. My m:Vampires Player ID is 598070278, so add freely. Since you never want to level up too quickly, especially before you have an influx of Cash from Land, you may want to avoid the whole m:Vampires gem process altogether.

What is different about the m:Vampires gem system is that you can purchase them within the game with your m:Vampires Cash. Usually you have to purchase cheat points for MMO text-based iPhone with real money from the developer, which is how the developer makes their money off these free iPhone games. Here you can buy a gem for a thousand dollars of m:Vampires cash and sell a gem for ten dollars cash. Therefore, unless you get your m:Vampires gems for free you should stay away from them. Never waste your m:Vampires gems on things like changing your name or avatar as these do not really matter during gameplay.

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