Virtual Villagers

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    • Complete Puzzle Guide to Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life (Part 2)
      Our free and complete guide to puzzles for Virtual Villagers 4 will make your village grow quickly and be successful. Use our hints, strategies, and puzzle walkthroughs to avoid frustration and progress within the game.
    • Complete Puzzle Guide to Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life (Part 1)
      Solve all the puzzles in this Virtual Villagers 4 walkthrough. They are all clearly marked so get only the help you need. No need to see spoilers. This guide will help you beat it all.
    • Virtual Villagers - An Evolution in Time
      Virtual Villagers has had 3 installments and each one seems to be better than the last, but what are the significant changes and what concepts have remained over time that make this series of PC games so popular?
    • Virtual Villagers – Puzzle Cheats Pt 1
      For those who are having a hard time finding out how to complete those puzzles, here is the ultimate Virtual Villager's puzzle cheat so that you will know exactly how to complete each one quickly. This is a long article, as it tells you how to do each puzzle.
    • Virtual Villagers – Starting Out Tips Part 2
      The second part of this mini guide will help you with the first tech points that you should spend, how to do basic things to keep your tribe thriving, and getting going on more complex areas of the game.