Wii Sports Gamers Golf Guide

Wii Sports Gamers Golf Guide
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Wii Sports Golf

Most of us have played golf on an 18-hole real life golf course with pristine greens and well manicured fairways that make for a fun, engaging and satisfying sports experience at a leisurely pace. Wii Sports Golf is a virtual experience for the Wii console that lets you enjoy the thrills, spills, trials and tribulations of trying to fit a golf ball in a little hole from the comfort of your own living room.

Wii Sports Golf is an interactive Wii experience that allows you to choose to play three three-hole courses that vary nicely in challenge and difficulty while still providing you with a quick virtual golf fix. You can also play on a nine-hole course made up of the three three-hole courses combined into a single experience. This is nice if you have a little more time to spend walking across beautifully rendered fairways and greens.

Wii Sports Golf puts you right in the Wii experience by having you swing the Wii remote, just as you would a real life golf club, to send the ball flying through the air down the fairway - or across the rolling curves of a virtual putting surface.

Wii Sports Golf requires practice to succeed, so always start with a few practice swings to get the feel and motion. Then, step up to the virtual golf ball by pressing and holding the A button when your comfortable with the Wii remote, and ready to try striking a few balls.

Keep an eye on the swing meter to the left of your character as you approach the ball. This shows the overall strength of the shot you’re about to make. Make sure your swing doesn’t go beyond the shaded area on the swing meter, or you will slice or hook the ball.

The area shaded on the swing meter varies depending on the shot you’re making. On shots from the tee, the swing meter will be shaded right to the top of the swing meter, but the shaded area will decrease when you’re hitting a harder shot from a sand trap or the rough.

Putting in Wii Sports Golf is actually very similar to hitting a shot off of the fairway. The real difference will be in the length and power of your swing. Make sure to always check out the undulation of the greens by pressing the 1 button, which will show you the slope of the green you’re about to put on.

Winning Strategy

Wii Sports Golf

Take a look at the detailed and visually attractive map before each shot, as this shows you the direction your shot is headed up the fairway or toward the green. The line on the map is the trajectory of your shot as you presently have it aimed. The dots marked on the line correspond with the dots you see on the swing meter, so if your target is three dots distant, make sure you match the power of your swing to the dots on the line. The most important aspect in Wii Sports Golf is the same as real golf, so practice makes perfect - take as many practice swings as you need until you feel comfortable with the motion required. Once you’re ready to hit the ball, begin your backswing slowly. When your character beings its backswing, keep going back, and then swing forward with the amount of force to deliver the correct amount of force for the stroke you want to make.

Wii Sports Golf has three training exercises included with the game in order to help you practice and develop the skills you need to compete at a high level. So, use these training exercises before you head out to play for real.

The three included exercises are: trying to one put the holes to see how many you can complete before you make five mistakes; hitting the green with 10 approach shots; and target practice, choose between two targets, close or far, but the further one scores higher. The game will give you a rating depending on how well you do in each exercise that will be expressed as either a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum rating.

Once you have a pretty good understanding of how to play Wii Sports Golf, you are ready to start winning medals and beating your friends at the game!