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Word Warp Review - Free to Spell

by: Daniel Barros ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Word warp is a fun little app tucked away in the murky, dark alleyways of the iTunes store. Is it worth your time? Your energy? Find out inside

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    Wording Spree

    Word Warp is an interesting little game. I was at a movie theater waiting for a movie, when a friend of mine showed me the app and suggested that I download it for free (the lite version has ads, but it's nothing that'll detract from the experience). I was instantaneously hooked.

    Word warp functions off of the same idea that many of these spelling and word games do - it presents you with a jumbled set of six letters and tells you to make as many words as you possibly can. The interface is unpolished, and the whole thing overall feels like a homebrew project, and yet, I couldn't drop this thing for a second. Hours went flying by as I challenged myself to get higher and higher scores.

    The objective of each level is for you to be able to create the full six-letter word that the jumbled letters represent. You'll often feel like a fool when, after five minutes of trying (you set the amount of time you want), you were unable to guess that TSGOHS was actually supposed to spell GHOSTS. But that's the whole fun of the game.

    For each level you beat, the game presents you with a new challenge immediately afterward and you can even look up the definitions of words after you're done spelling all of them. Realistically, that's pretty much all there is to this game, but it's surprisingly effective in being addictive and interesting. You'll find yourself not only expanding your vocabulary, but also wanting to see exactly how far you get.

    Once you get tired of the free version of Word Warp, might I suggest Wordsworth? The interface in the latter is not only better, but also easier to use and the game itself is more addicting and interesting and will provide you with a greater level of enjoyment. The only thing is, it costs $1.99 in the app store while the other one is free.

    In the final analysis, if you're a little low on money these days, go with Word Warp, you're guaranteed to have a great time at least for a few weeks.