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Free Word Games
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People looking for free online word games are in plenty of luck - there is a healthy selection of legal choices available. Games can be simple word descramble or hangman to anagrams and crosswords. Some websites do not even require people to sign up for a free membership to enjoy playing free word games.

East of the Web

East of the Web has several kinds of free online word games for members to try. You do not have to sign up to play the games online, which range from a word search based on television shows such as “The Simpsons” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” to Codeword, which has the object of uncovering a secret hidden five-letter word. Most games, especially word search, allow customizing difficulty levels and types of words used in play.

BlackDog’s Word Games

BlackDog’s Word Games has advertising that states the website is geared for kids, but the selection of free online word games does make this an appealing resource for adults seeking letter fun as well. Not only does BlackDog’s Word Games offer a number of online word games, but also has some downloadable games for people to play on their computer once off the Internet. Legal game download choices include Spelvin and Flip Words, while those wanting to only play online word games can pick from Hangman and Cryptogram Fun. There is also an online version of Joggle, based on the retro board game Boggle.

Word Plays

Word Plays is another free online word games website that does not require users to sign up in order to play. Word gaming options include a Pig Latin translator, Boggler, Crossword Challenge, and Words in a Word. Those who enjoy the classic board game Scrabble will find an online word games version during their visit to Word Plays. There are also online dictionary resources and an assortment of word puzzles.

A Game A Day

A Game A Day provides two levels of new free online word games each weekday, citing these are geared for ages 9 to 99. Each day’s offerings are archived, providing dozens of options for those wanting to play word games in their Web browser. Registration is not required to play games such as word completion entertainment like Common Cents or Fillers. There is also a guestbook and lesson planning suggestions for educators.