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Word games have been around for as long as anyone can remember. There is Crossword games for those who like to find meanings or trivia type answers. There are word search games for those who like to hunt for words hidden in a sea of letters. Scrabble for those who like to put words together from a select stack of chips dealt to them. Then there are those word games that have you create as many words from a certain amount of letters in a certain amount of time and the internet has no shortage of these word games.

Twist Text has been around for a long time. Perhaps it’s not as popular as other games but word enthusiasts seem to flock to this little twisted game. The game gives you six letters that are scrambled and twisted where you the player has to come up with as many words as you can from these six letters in a certain amount of time. How many words? That is shown to the left of the screen of how many possible variations of those letters dealt to you. How many can you find in less than two minutes? Mind bending comes to mind as you try to decipher and decode the six letters into legitimate words, as the game will not accept made up words, though everyone is bound to try now and again.

If you are getting stumped go ahead and twist the words up to see if it jostles the mind to find new words in the allotted time. Keep twisting to your hearts content as you unscramble and put words together with the letters given. The point of the game may seem obvious but the key to moving to the next level isn’t how many words you find but if you can decode what the six letters spell. That’s right, every six letters spells a word. If you unscramble and figure out the six letter word, you advance to the next level. So the strategy would seem obvious, figure out the six letter word as quick as you can. Some six letters actually spells out two words, but you only need to decode one six letter word early in the game to make it to the next level.

Twist Text is for those that like to solve word games. It’s a mix of scrabble and word search games as you ponder the six letters before you. It’s a puzzle game for all ages that helps keep the mind sharp and quick as you work to beat the clock. In the ratings of puzzle games this one should be ranked up there as one of the best. This simple but difficult game definitely puts a fun twist on words.



The screenshot above is credited to where you can download text twist for free by following this link.