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Limbo Achievements Guide
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Earning the Limbo Achievements

Limbo is a brutal game. The young boy you take control of during its several hours of intense gameplay is always in constant danger. Simply completing the game is a challenge, but if you want to earn the game’s achievements you’ll have to pay special attention. There is only achievement – the one for finishing the game – which you’re guaranteed to receive as you progress throughout the title.

In this guide I will tell you how to earn all 200 gamerpoints available in Limbo. So, let’s get started with the achievements!

Wrong Way (5GP)

This achievement is simple. When you first wake up at the beginning of the game your natural instinct will probably be to head towards the right, because most side-scrolling games work from left to right. If you instead walk left you’ll find a white egg on the ground. Step on it and you’ll earn the achievement.

Altitude is Attitude (5GP)

In the second chapter you will come across an obstacle where you have to move a box under a rope that is tied to a tree branch and then climb the trees until you find a dead tree trunk that you have to push over. On the highest branch, where you find the dead tree trunk, jump to the left. There is a rope behind the scenery. Climb on to it and swing over to the branch to the left, then step on the egg to earn the achievement.

It’s Stuck (10GP)

In the eleventh chapter you’ll find yourself in a large room with two ladders. As you’re walking across some pipes, they burst, causing the room to fill with water. In order to make your escape you need to jump on a floating section of detached pipe. Once the room has filled entirely, that pipe will be level with the floor (see picture below). It will float over to you.


Grab the pipe and drag to the right until it is underneath a small pipe that is hanging from the ceiling which has a rope attached to it. Jump on the rope. An egg will fall out of the small pipe. Crush it for gamerpoints!


Urban Exploration (10GP)

This achievement is found in chapter 14 in the room with the chain elevator. Grab the box to the left and place it on the elevator. Turn on the elevator and ride it to the upper platform. Grab the box and drag it to the upper platform, but leave it on the very edge beside the elevator. Let the elevator descend a bit, then reverse it so that it ascends. Hop on top of the box and then on top of the elevator.


You’ll see a rope to the left of the elevator. Jump on it to make an egg come out of the pipe the rope is attached to.


Alone in the Dark (10GP)

In chapter 15 you’ll come to a ladder that is rickety and leaning to the left. There is a passage to the right. Go into it and you’ll soon be in an entirely pitch black cave. Keep walking until you hear your feet hit water, then stop. Jump right and climb up onto an unseen ledge. The walk right until you see an egg glowing in the dark.

Climbing the Cog (10GP)

In chapter 16 you will come to an obstacle that involves a large cog that must be activated by pulling a lever. Or at least that would seem to be the case, but you can in fact climb the cog by jumping on it before it is activated. If you climb all the way around it you will find an egg on the fire side.

Limbo Achievements

Backtracking (10GP)

In chapter 19 there is a room with a conveyor belt that has crates on it. This belt is to the right of a large crushing device. You need to push one of the crates so that it stops moving so quickly on the conveyor belt and wait until the crushing device lowers. Then jump on the crate and jump over to the crushing device – but time it so that you are only hanging on the edge. Don’t climb up until the crushing device slams shut and then opens again.


Run to the left and then grab hold of the ladder. Climb up the ladder and then head right. You’ll find a cog that is now spinning. Walk between the cog’s teeth to obtain the egg.


Guided by Sparks (10GP)

In chapter 19 you’ll find yourself in a massive rotating room lit only by a single light. Once the room stops rotating a crate will fall onto the final ledge. Normally you would push this crate to the left and off the ledge so you don’t touch the electrified floor below. However, if you instead leave the crate where it is and jump into the darkness to the left you’ll find a hidden ledge. Climb up it and then jump to the right. You’ll find an egg on the platform.

Under Ground (10GP)

In chapter 21 you will find an elevator just after a puzzle involving an anti-gravity lift. The elevator will be raised above the ground. If you move all the way to the right you can climb down and jump to a rope that is on the bottom of the elevator. Climb all the way down the shaft on the rope and you’ll find an egg at the bottom.


Going Up (10GP)

In Chapter 23 you’ll come to a gravity reversing obstacle where you have to push a crate across the ceiling when gravity is reversed. Instead of pushing the crate to the right as required to progress, climb up the small ledge to the left.


While gravity is still reversed, continue left and jump off the ledge. When you land you’ll see a handle poking out of the wall to your left. Grab this handle and drag it to your right. An egg with pop out of the wall and land on the ledge below once gravity returns to normal. Grab it!


Conclusion / Other Achievements

That is all of the hidden achievements you can find throughout the game. There are only two others you can earn.

Where Credit is Due (100GP) - This is the big one, and you earn it for beating the game.

No Point in Dying (10GP) - You’ll earn this achievement if you manage to beat the entire game in one sitting without dying more than 5 times. Seriously. Good luck.

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