Zombies Live Tips & Horde Codes

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Raising the Dead

The new free text based iPhone RPG Zombies Live follows a design that was popularized by games like Undead Live, Rockstars Live, and even Epic Pet Wars. With this format in mind, Zombies requires you to progress through the game by completing missions, adding abilities, and using traps to get food. One main part of this Zombies Live format is adding people to your Horde. This is required for battles against other Zombies Live players, as well as to complete later missions.

Horde Codes

When you first open Zombies Live go to the bottom task bar and look to the far right to find the Recruit button. Press this and you will be taken to the Horde menu where you start off on the Recruit tab with a few different ways to add other Zombies Live players to your Horde. Right at the top will be your Horde Code listed. Directly below that will be a text box where you can use Horde Codes to add other Zombies Live players. The Horde Code system is the easiest and most efficient way to add Zombies Live players to your Horde. The reason is that you can post your Horde Code on internet and software services dedicated to Zombies Live, as well as find other people’s Horde Codes in the same way. It is best to put your Horde Code anywhere you possibly can. My Horde Code is HTNBNE. You can also find your Horde Code on the main Home page to the upper right of the option menus. You can post your own code in the Comments section below.

Contacts List

Directly below Invite Using Horde Code is Invite Using Contacts. When you press the Invite Friends button in this section you will then be taken to your Contacts List where you can send invitations to people you know. This is not as practical because they have to both have an iPhone and be willing to play Zombies Live.

Horde Communication

If you hit on the Horde tab in the middle, next to the Recruit tab you will be taken to a list of the Zombies Live players that are currently in your Horde. Directly to the right of that is the Broadcast tab that lets you send a message to your entire Horde.