Zombies Live: Beginner Tips

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Stand Out

Zombies Live is similar to other games in the genre, but has its own unique features. For those starting out making the right moves with their Zombies Live accounts can be crucial for success later on. Unless the right decisions are made from the earliest moments in Zombies Live you will never see yourself amongst the top undead warriors.


The first thing to focus in on is to complete the Zombies Live tutorial. The tutorial will take you through almost every aspect of the game, get you basic weapons, start you off in real estate, and get you familiar with the Zombies Live design. It will make you use the Butchery, which is its version of a bank. Here you are going to want to pull everything back out right after you insert it.


The main focus is going to be on getting property for financial rewards. You are going to want to avoid leveling up in general once you get a little start up cash. This means transferring your means of funding from the Missions to the Traps. Do just enough low experience Missions to get a base amount of money to make some Traps purchases. Once you do this you will then put in some wait time until you can get a second lump sum, which will be used on more property. Do this several times over until you have a large and steady income flow coming in each cycle. Once you have done this then you can begin to use Missions to level up slowly.

Horde Codes

At the same time, you are going to want to spread your Zombies Live Horde Code in as many locations as possible. You are going to need to build up your Horde as large as possible, and placing the Horde Code on every available location dedicated to Zombies Live is the best way to do this. In later levels the success of each player will be somewhat determined by the size of their Horde.

Skill Points

Right from the beginning, you need to start putting your skill points in the right places. Focus on attack and defense rather than energy in the beginning, especially since you are not going to want to do many Missions that would require energy. Later on, it is going to pay off having such a focus on fighting skills.