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Best Multiplayer Games for Android Phones

by: Kristina Dems ; edited by: Simon Hill ; updated: 6/7/2012 • Leave a comment

With Android phones having large touchscreen displays and accelerometers, it's a great platform for mobile gaming. Here are some of the best multiplayer Android games you can enjoy on your phone.

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    Multiplayer Android Games

    Android phones are great platforms for mobile gaming thanks to their large, bright and clear screens. Game developers are also keen on the open nature of the operating system, which gives them a lot of room to innovate in terms of game controls and gameplay. Here are 5 recommended multiplayer Android games that make good use of the platform.

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    Cestos This is one of the most unique and innovative multiplayer Android games available. The goal of the game is to let loose your marbles without being blown into bits or having them fall into endless pits. Players get to set the direction and velocity of their marbles at the start of each turn. As soon as all the players have locked the trajectories of their marbles, they are unleashed to move about the map. The game is a great way to test one's strategy skills because players need to anticipate where their marbles are going, as well as where the other players' marbles are heading, so they can avoid the obstacles and possibly cause the other players to encounter them in the process. The game is deceptively simple but it can get pretty sophisticated, depending on the strategy skills of the players. Multiple maps, customizable marbles and a chat lobby add to the overall social atmosphere of the game.

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    Parallel Kingdom

    Parallel Kingdom Parallel Kingdom integrates medieval adventuring with Google Maps to give players an augmented reality MMORPG experience unlike anything seen before. Your position on the map is determined by your GPS signal or your phone signal. In your location, game events like encountering monsters and other players happen in real time. To explore more areas, collect more items and even claim territories and found cities, players need to physically move about and go to specific locations. The depth of this game is simply astounding. It may take a while for beginners to learn to navigate and enjoy the game as a whole, but it's going to be worth it.

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    What the Doodle Lite

    What the Doodle Lite If you love Pictionary, you will definitely enjoy this multiplayer Android game. Doodle Lite is almost exactly like Pictionary but without the pen and paper. You simply have to join a room with some other players and then you take turns in sketching the words assigned to you. This game is very addictive thanks in large part to the other players who are mostly nice and fun to play with. It's a truly social way to play games on your Android phone.

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    HomeRun Battle 3D Free

    HomeRun Battle 3D Free Baseball fan or not, you can appreciate this game's gameplay which takes full advantage of your Android phone's accelerometer. It's a whole lot more engaging and fun to have the game respond to your movements. It will remind you of how playing a Wii baseball game feels, and speaking of the video game console, it shares a similar look with this game's graphics which look amazing on an Android phone's screen. You can choose to play the game alone, but it can get very repetitive. So to solve this issue, you can go online and play with other players, even those on other platforms like the iPhone.

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    Project INF Beta

    Project INF Usually, shooter games for mobile gaming platforms have terrible game controls and less than stellar gameplay. Project INF Beta is the exception. It features flawless gameplay with intuitive game controls and impressive graphics for a mobile game. Aside from these technical advantages, the game also offers a lot of depth in character customization and leveling up. Players can choose between 3 character classes and they can customize these characters with money gained as they progress through the game. It's a completely fun multiplayer game experience that should set standards for other multiplayer Android games.

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