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Get Three Stars in the Halloween Levels on Angry Birds

by: Natalie Hill ; edited by: Simon Hill ; updated: 6/7/2012 • Leave a comment

One of the most popular downloaded games since its release is Angry Birds, here is your Angry Birds Seasons: Halloween walkthrough guide part 2.

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    Theme 3 - 1

    • 3 - 1 Red Bird - Aim the first bird high into the air to hit the lower wall where the pumpkin is enclosed. This will kill one pig, two if you time it right, but this is extremely hard to do.
    • Yellow Bird - Shoot this one slightly lower as it must hit the nearest corner of the roof shaped structure, resulting in a knock on effect tumbling the whole structure above and below the unmovable rock and killing all of the pigs.

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    Theme 3 - 2

    • 3 - 2 Red Bird - This must be aimed high enough to hit the lower square cut out, this will push the rock which will roll to the TNT and the resulting explosion will kill all but two pigs.
    • Blue Bird - Aim this low, towards the remaining two pigs and tap the screen to release two more birds before it hits. This will kill the last two pigs leaving you with two birds.
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    Theme 3 - 3

    • 3 - 3 Yellow Bird - Aim this to hit the closest pumpkin, this will collapse the structure and kill all but one pig.
    • Red Bird - Shoot this a bit lower than the last. This will knock the last pig and kill it with two birds to spare.
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    Theme 3 - 4

    • 3 - 4 Blue Bird - Shoot the blue bird directly at the pig in front, tapping the screen just before it hits and the birds will kill the pig and hit the pumpkins.
    • Yellow Bird - Shoot this a bit higher than the last, which will hit the rest of the pumpkins and skid down to kill the two furthest pigs.
    • Yellow Bird - The last one needs to be shot lower to hit the last remaining pig with a bird to spare.
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    Theme 3 - 5

    • 3 - 5 Yellow Bird - Shoot the first bird at the top of the blue vertical bar causing the roof to cave in.
    • Yellow Bird - Aim this bird high, it must start to fall directly over the middle of the structure and tap the screen to increase speed so it goes straight through and knocks the pig at the top off its perch.
    • Yellow Bird - Shoot this one in the same path and tap at the same time to kill the remaining pigs.
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    Theme 3 - 6

    • 3 - 6 Blue Bird - Aim this one high and over the highest point and tap to release the extra birds and collapse the right side killing two pigs.
    • Red Bird - Shoot it lower than the first and aim for the tilted plank to collapse the left side and kill another pig.
    • Blue Bird - Aim this for the highest point on the structure, again releasing the extra birds to collapse the top side, which will then crumble down and kill the last pigs with a bird to spare.
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    Theme 3 - 7

    • 3 - 7 Yellow Bird - Shoot the bird high up and to hit the middle plank on the west face, tapping for extra speed, this is wooden and will break easily, killing most of the pigs and leaving two.
    • Yellow Bird - Shoot this high again to land on the furthest pig left.
    • Yellow Bird - You will need this one to shoot low to kill the last pig.
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    Theme 3 - 8

    • 3 - 8 Blue Bird - Aim the blue bird towards the middle of the blue squares and tap for the extra birds before it hits to knock down the wall.
    • Blue Bird - Again shoot this one slightly higher and release to destroy more of the building.
    • Blue Bird - Slightly higher still, do the same with this bird and it should be enough to blow up the TNT at the top of the structure, moving the boulder which falls on to the pigs.
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    Theme 3 - 9

    • 3 - 9 Yellow Bird - Shoot high into the air, it must hit the part near the top where there are two pieces of wood forming a point.
    • White Bird - Where the last bird hit causing a hollow, fly the bird over this and release the egg. This will cause the egg to cause damage below and the lantern to fall when the bird shoots up.
    • White Bird - Shooting this high so it flies above the structure, release the egg as it is about to hit and the bird will hit the pig hiding on a ledge at the top, falling down to kill the pigs below.
    • White Bird - With the far most pig to the left just fly the bird over and release the egg on top of it.
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    Theme 3 - 10

    • 3 - 10 Yellow Bird - Aim the first one high, we want it to hit at an angle as it's coming down to the left side of the right tower. It will knock the tower down completely and kill the two top pigs.
    • Yellow Bird - Shoot this out a bit lower, it needs to hit the pig in the left tower.
    • Yellow Bird - Aiming this the same as the first bird, increase speed to plough through the walls and kill the two pigs to the right.
    • Yellow Bird - Aim this bird higher and increase speed to destroy the bottom of the hole and the wood holding up the last birds, they should fall and die, if not use your last bird to follow the same route, this will still get you the 3 star rating.
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    Theme 3 - 11

    • 3 - 11 Yellow Bird - Aim this for the corner of the grey slabs, increasing speed.
    • White Bird - Fly this over the same point and release the egg where we last hit collapsing some of the structure and killing a pig.
    • Yellow Bird - Shoot this one quite low, aim for the corner of the box that is protecting the pig in the helmet, killing it along with the rest of the pigs as the structure falls down.
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    Theme 3 - 12

    • 3 - 12 Yellow Bird - Aim this relatively high to hit the lantern at increased speed, the next one can hit the pumpkin - these will get you points but not kill any pigs just yet.
    • Yellow Bird - This one needs to be aimed low also, to hit the wood supporting the structure at the bottom.
    • White Bird - Now fly this one high towards the middle of the structure, you should be able to release the eggs so the egg and the bird crash into the structure killing the pig below.
    • Yellow Bird - Aim this bird between the two pigs which are left and you will kill them both.
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    Theme 3 - 13

    • 3 - 13 Red Bird - Shoot the first bird high towards the triangle piece to knock out the wooden plank.
    • Yellow Bird - Once you've knocked the wooden plank out, aim the yellow bird at the wood underneath this, it will go straight through with increased speed and crumble the side of the structure.
    • Yellow Bird - Aim this to the supporting beam to knock it down killing all but one pig.
    • Yellow Bird - Shoot the last one high into the air to land head on the last pig.
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    Theme 3 - 14

    • 3 - 14 Yellow Bird - Aim the first bird high into the air so that it lands on the wooden beams to the left of the lantern. This will collapse the whole of the structure and leave just one pig.
    • Blue Bird - Aim this at the last pig and tap the screen so that at least one gets you the kill.
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    Theme 3 - 15

    • 3 - 15 Yellow Bird - Aim the yellow bird high to hit the wood next to the pumpkin, this will push it off and demolish most of the structure, leaving at most four pigs left.
    • Yellow Bird - Aim this one a bit lower to hit the hovering pig.
    • Yellow Bird - We want to skim the pigs at the bottom so aim low and increase speed.
    • White Bird - Use this if you have any pigs left.
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    Repeating what we said in the last walkthrough, there are various ways to finish each level but these hints are to get you to do the most damage and gain 3 star ratings in Angry Birds Seasons Halloween.

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