Bejeweled 2 for iPhone and iPod Touch Review: A Highly-Addictive and Fast-Paced Game on the iPhone

What’s Different with Bejeweled II

Bejeweled 2 for the iPhone and iPod Touch has a lot to live up to considering the game has had great successes for other platforms. What’s more is that the original Bejeweled has collected many awards.

For the uninitiated, Bejeweled and Bejeweled 2 are from the match three genre. This genre involves games where you need to make matches of three or more in a row. What makes the Bejeweled series special is that it takes a couple of seconds to learn the game, it has pretty gems, and it comes with other modes if you need a change of pace.

Gameplay Review

Popping four gems creates a power gem and busting five gems produces a hypercube. The power gem and hypercube have stronger gem destroying powers. The explosion effects from these power gems just put you in awe looking like exploding crystal. You can’t help but dance — at least in your mind — whenever the lightning bolt flashes when putting a hypercube to work.

The Help file explains how to play the game. However, it’s an animated tutorial and players have no way to speed it up or flip through a specific section. The Help also doesn’t explain the differences between Classic, Action and Endless mode.

Action mode gives you a half-full timer bar. To advance to the next level, fill it up by making matches and fast. Talk about stress! Classic mode takes away the stress as you don’t race against the clock. Instead, keep making matches until you run out of moves. Endless mode lets you play until something takes you away, you’re bored, or pigs start flying.

A mesmerizing warp-like effect appears between scenes for eye-candy while you wait for the next level. Upon game over, the game presents you with your statistics such as game duration, gems collected, and so on. You can also play the game sideways. The music entertains, but you can have it play whatever music you got going on your iPod — that’s a feature you won’t find in many places. Unfortunately, the sound effects for the power gems and hypercubes don’t match their eye-popping visuals.

Want to know more about the game? Check out how to play Bejeweled 2 on the iPhone using this helpful guide full of tips and tricks.

Overall Thoughts

Some versions of Bejeweled (like the version on Facebook) give you hints whether or not you asked for it. This one makes it an option you can turn on or off. Unlike other devices and computer versions, it’s easy to move the wrong gem. That’s an iPhone / iPod Touch issue not the game’s. This version also doesn’t compel you to play for hours on end like some other versions. Nonetheless, the iPhone / iPod Touch version ofBejeweled 2 shines.