The Top 4 Most Addictive and Fun Mindjolt Games on Facebook

The Top 4 Most Addictive and Fun Mindjolt Games on Facebook
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The MindJolt library of games available on Facebook is huge and it gets larger every week as new games are introduced. Most people never go past the main MindJolt page that highlight new and the most popular games, but there are a plethora of other absolutely awesome games available. Are you going to take the time to sift through over a thousand games to find the good ones? Probably not. A much easier option would be to check out these wacky and fun titles:

Bees Under Attack (5 out of 5)

If you are a veteran PC gamer then you will probably remember an old DOS game called War, where little tanks would attack each other with a

huge selection of missiles. Bees Under Attack is somewhat similar to that game but you fire bees at your enemy instead of missiles. During each level you control a bunch of bees on one side of the screen. The computer is your opponent on the other side.

In each level your bees are set up in a different formation, and so are your opponent’s. Like War, you set the trajectory and force you would like to use to launch your bee towards your enemy. Any enemy bees hit by your projectile bee are knocked out of play. The first person to run out of bees loses. This is a great looking, totally addictive little game. While you may or may not have played War, you will love Bees Under Attack!

Endless Zombie Rampage (5 out of 5)

Endless Zombie Rampage

Have you ever wondered how long you would live if zombies took over the world? There are all kinds of Facebook quizzes that think they can give you the answer after posing ten simple questions, but this game will give you a much more accurate idea. Why? Well, because you have a gun… and there are zombies that want nothing more than to eat your brains.

In Endless Zombie Rampage, you move your character around with the arrow keys and aim with your mouse, and then click to shoot. There are three types of play: Defend, Survival and Experiment mode. The objective of the game is different depending on the type of play you choose. As you progress from one stage to another you can upgrade your arsenal of weapons to kick more zombie butt.

Whack-a-Gob (5 out of 5)


If you thought of Whack-a-Mole when you read the name of this game, you had good reason. Whack-a-Gob is very similar but has its own fun quirks. You play a bald dwarf who is out to whack as many goblins as possible with his axe.

The game board consists of a bunch of holes. Goblins, treasure chests and other dwarves can all pop up from these holes. Your job is to move to a hole with a goblin in it. You do this by clicking on the hole you want to move to, and then attacking the goblin until it dies or disappears back down its hole.

The objective is to kill a certain amount of goblins in the allotted time to reach the following stage. You will also want to grab the treasure chests in the same manner but avoid attacking the other dwarves. In between stages you can buy bonus items and buffs to help you along.

This is a great looking little game, especially when you compare it to other Facebook games. If you like this game, you may also want to check out Whack-a-Troll Quest!

Galactic Dodgeball (5 out of 5)

I’d like you to take a second and think of what would happen if you were to make a game that combines dodge ball and the old Atari

Galactic Dodgeball

classic Asteroids. You will probably come up with something similar to Galactic Dodgeball! In this game you are tasked to control planet Earth and have to dodge all the asteroids that go spinning around the screen to keep the human race alive! There is one catch though, you can’t move too fast. If you do, then people will fall off the planet. Sounds pretty simple but this game gets challenging pretty quick.

There are plenty of fun, addictive and exciting MindJolt games on Facebook. The more you try the more great games you will find. If I have missed your favorite, then leave a comment and tell other people how awesome it is!