Nintendo DS Cheats, Codes: Best Places Online to Find Cheats for Your Nintendo DS Games

Nintendo DS Cheats, Codes: Best Places Online to Find Cheats for Your Nintendo DS Games
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Nintendo DS Cheats, Codes, and More

Have you ever reached a point in one of your favorite Nintendo DS games where you are just stuck, either with no idea of where to go or faced with an insurmountable challenge? It’s times like these that a good cheat code comes in handy.

Sure, it’s not the “purest” way of getting through a game, but when the alternative is never seeing the rest of the game, cheating is perfectly justified. Developers wouldn’t include them if they didn’t want us to use them, would they?

In the interest of ensuring your never find yourself stuck and frustrated in a game, we present a few of our favorite Nintendo DS cheat code sites.

Game Winners

Find Nintendo DS Cheats Codes at Game Winners

Game Winners is my go-to site for cheats or assistance for all systems. Whenever I need info about a tough part of a game or a cheat code to get me through, it’s usually the first place I turn. Game Winners has listings for practically every game ever released for a multitude of systems, from the Atari 2600 all the way through the SNES and Xbox 360.

Their Nintendo DS cheat code section has literally thousands of games, with nearly a full page of cheats, hints, and tips for each one. The cheats are user-submitted but verified by the community, guaranteeing that the codes you find there will work for your game.

Game Winners has been around for nearly 20 years now, starting as a collection of game cheats and codes on a BBS and evolving into one of the most popular gaming-related sites on the internet. When it comes to Nintendo DS cheats, I recommend starting there. The site design is a little basic (and kind of ugly), but the information is plentiful and easily accessed.

Cheat Code Central

Nintendo DS Cheats at Cheat Code Central

Cheat Code Central is a much prettier website than Game Winners, and their cheat codes are organized in a similar alphabetical fashion, divided by system. Neither site is exactly a joy to navigate, but I think it’s slightly more difficult to find what you’re looking for at CheatCC.

The number of Nintendo DS games covered on Cheat Code Central is impressive, but it’s not quite as massive as the selection at Game Winners. This isn’t entirely a bad thing, though, especially considering that you can browse the entire list of games starting with an individual letter on CCC, while on Game Winners you are limited to 50 titles at a time, often requiring you to scroll through several pages to find the game you’re after.

Both sites are useful and have a huge library of Nintendo DS cheat codes. In the end, it really comes down to your aesthetic preferences. If you’re looking for a more utilitarian, just the facts type layout, stick with Game Winners. Those who appreciate a little more color and a modernized site design should check out Cheat Code Central.

UGO Super Cheats

Nintendo DS Cheat Codes at Super Cheats

Super Cheats is probably the best-looking website of the three mentioned here, but it can also seem a little busy and difficult to navigate, as there is a lot going on on those pages.

Nintendo DS cheats are plentiful, though there don’t seem to be as many games covered as you can find at CheatCC or Game Winners. Like CheatCC, gamers can see a full list of games covered sorted by letter, without having to scroll through multiple pages for each letter.

Super Cheats has a decent selection of cheats, and the site is easy enough to navigate and certainly looks good, but I just think there’s too much going on on each page. It can take you a few seconds to find what you’re looking for, as the information is typically drowning in a sea of top 10 lists, weirdly-placed ads, and long lists of news for each system.

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