Tips and Cheats for Cake Mania 3

Tips and Cheats for Cake Mania 3
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Jill’s New Adventures

Sandlot Games Cake Mania 3 has really surpassed the previous installments of the Jill the cake baker’s adventures. More fast paced and with harder challenges, the higher levels in this game can be tough to get through. And if you can’t make it through all five levels then you won’t unlock the sixth level needed to complete the game.

All together, this new game has Jill baking her way through 6 new locations with each one holding 15 levels to complete. New customers for each location mix things up and some customers can have a negative impact on the others waiting in line.

Start in China

You do have the option when starting the game to choose any of the five time periods but the Ancient China level is one of the hardest worlds to complete. The reason for this is due to the Green Dragons and the Chinese Emperor. With the Green Dragons as customers, they end up loving your cakes so much that will stay in line and keep ordering cakes over new customers that show up in line. The Chinese Emperor has a very short heart meter and when he starts to loose hearts his impatience will block you from giving anyone else their cakes until his are served to him.

Because the game gets progressively harder with each level it is best to get the Ancient China world out of the way before moving on to other worlds. Many a gamer has had to start all over when they get to this world later on in the game after progressing through other worlds first. Save yourself some time and start with Ancient China.

Level Power Ups

When you meet your goal at the end of every level, you will get to use the money you earned to buy upgrades before the next level starts. The easiest way to keep your customers happy is get them their cakes as fast as you can. The better the oven, the less time it takes to bake.

Each time period level has a special power up for that level only. Once a level is completed you can’t go back and use the power up for a different level. The following are power ups by level:

China – Tao of Cake. This power up can be used once per level while in China and it will increase the patience of all customers in line while making sure that no hearts are lost.

Stone Age – The Club. This power up will smack customers in line with a club to the head. Once hit, the customers thought bubble will have a tie-dye look to it and they will be happy with any cake that you give them. Try making them triple layer cakes and you’ll earn more money for each layer you give them.

Egypt – Ra’s Gift. This power up will add extra time to your clock, keeping the bakery open longer. Longer hours mean more customers and more money earned.

France – Le De Froster. This power up uses one of the buttons on your frosters a rainbow shade and allows you to remove any wrong color frosting that you put on a cake.

England – The Crystal Ball. This power up will allow you to see in advance what a customer will order before they order it. Doing this saves time because you can already have their cake baking by the time they decide what they want.


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