Hints and Tips for Success in Cake Mania Game - To the Max

Hints and Tips for Success in Cake Mania Game - To the Max
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About the Cake Mania Game – To the Max

In this Cake Mania game, join Jill in her younger days. It is the 80’s and everything is totally rad! See and play in the beginnings of Evan’s Bakery. Jill’s success in the bakery will lead to a decision to pursue cake making as a career choice. Cake Mania to the Max is a time management game that will combine all the favorite tasks from previous versions with an 80’s twist and a few surprises.

Game Play

Cake Mania - To the Max

If you have tried any other Cake Mania game, play will be very familiar. As customers arrive, Jill will give them a menu. When a cake choice has been made, click on the appropriate shape to have the oven bake it. After it is finished, click on it to pick it up. Click on the frosting machine and select the appropriate color. Deliver the cake by clicking on it again and then clicking on the customer. Then collect the money from the customer after they leave.

Each type of customer has a different level of patience. As an added twist, some customers do not like to be near certain types of other customers. Customers can be moved to different sides of the counter by clicking and dragging them to a new location.

In each level of Cake Mania - To the Max, you will need to earn a specific amount of money in order to move forward in the game. In between successful completion of levels, upgrades can be purchased in the Shop. These items include improved baking equipment, interior decoration or other things that can help improve customer patience and mood.

Hints and Tips

  • Chaining actions like delivering menus or cakes will result in higher points. However, chaining the collection of money delays the arrival of new customers.
  • Watch out for the Shopoholic. She will steal money off of the counter if you do not collect it right way.
  • Boost the mood of customers with cookies or TV.
  • Sometimes equipment will need to be repaired. This can be done through the Shop for a fee.
  • If customer types don’t get a long, click and drag one of them to the opposite side of the counter. The customer’s heart/mood count should improve.
  • Items at the shop can be sold as well as purchased. This can be a useful option if you decide you dislike a particular item and need a more expensive upgrade or you are a bit short on cash.
  • The Bridezilla is a very impatient type of customer. Other customers will lose a heart if she gets too upset.
  • Different TV channels will make customers happy. Grandma, Reisha, Kid with Black Jacket and the Bridezilla prefer the green channel. The Football Player, Tycoon and Witch like the blue channel. The customers that like the yellow channel include Santa, Policeman, the man with babies and the Cell Phone Guy. Fans of the red channel include the Inner Tube Kid, Shopoholic, Cheerleaders, Medical Guy, Hippie and Red Headed Girl.

*Screenshot images for the Cake Mania game - To the Max article were created by Sheila Robinson.