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A Gamer's Guide to Cake Mania 2

by: Sheila Robinson ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Cake Mania 2 is another great Sandlot Games time management release. Find out how to play and get through harder levels with these hints and tips.

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    Cake Mania 2 This cake making time management title is a sequel to the popular PC game series. It continues the story of Jill, a baker who has extraordinary baking skills. Your goal in this game is to help Jill’s friends who are having financial troubles with their own bakeries.

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    How to Play

    Cake Mania 2 screenshot In each bakery Jill works behind a large counter. Each level is timed as a single business work day and requires you to earn a specific amount of money. Wait for customers to arrive. Click on them to distribute menus. The customer is ready to order once you see an image of a cake as a thought bubble above their head.

    Prepare the cake by clicking on the appropriate shape displayed on the oven. When the cake is ready, click on it and take it to the frosting machine. Frost the cake with the type that the customer has ordered. Once complete take it to the customer. After the customer leaves, collect the money.

    A level will continue until time runs out. A summary screen will then appear that displays a breakdown of your score. If you have successfully met the current level’s monetary goal, you can move forward in the game.

    In between levels you can purchase upgrades through the Shop. These include baking equipment and upgrades for improving performance, profits or customer patience. Win the Cake Mania 2 game after completing all levels in six bakeries.

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    Game Hints and Tips

    • Purchase a TV or cookie baking oven to help increase customer patience. Cookies can be distributed individually. TV channels can be changed and will have different levels of effect on customer mood.
    • Cakes can only be picked up one at a time. If you try and pick up a second cake, the first one will automatically stack on it. Once stacked, there is no way to take them apart.
    • Complete cake orders faster by first taking out the completed cake and selecting a new one to bake. As you deliver a cake, distribute menus to any new customers that arrive.
    • Try to first complete orders for customers that want a single cake or drink. New customers will then arrive, giving you more opportunity to earn money.
    • The level of customer patience can be monitored by looking at the number of hearts that appear next to their heads.
    • Different TV channels will appeal to each type of customer. The guy dressed in an alien costume, punk girl, guy in a white suit and the boy with the inflatable duck around his waist prefer the music channel. Customers that like the news channel include the Indian Lady, Secret Agent, Police Officer, Space Suit Woman and the Nuclear Technician. The Lady with Dog, Alien, Goth Man and the Crazy Cat Lady like the Astrology channel. The Nature channel lovers include Grandma, Doctor, Samurai, Penguin Suit Man and Snow Covered Man.
    • If you make a mistake with a cake you can store it on a display tray (available through the Store) or place it on top of an oven. You can also throw it away but points will be lost.
    • To make Jill move faster, purchase the shoe upgrades in the Store by clicking on her feet.
    • You will lose $50 for every customer that gets impatient and leaves. If you throw away a cake you will lose $20.
    • The oven and frosting station upgrades increase the speed they perform tasks.
    • Don’t purchase the “topper" machines until after you have purchased all other upgrades.
    • In large groups of customers who have bigger orders, keep their patience high by completing one of their items. This will give you more time to complete orders and not risk them leaving (and losing points).
    • Earn a Superstar score in the “Rooftop Refreshments" April level by upgrading the kitty topper at the end of January, the display tray in February and the TV in March.
    • Secret Agent and Kid customers will cause other types of customers to lose hearts.
    • Be aware of the different customer types in Cake Mania 2. Some are particular and will take extra time to fulfill their needs.
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    Image Credit

    Cake Mania 2 screenshots were taken by Sheila Robinson.